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Anyone applying to UIC's graduate entry program starting Jan. 2013? I've glanced at the threads from the past couple of year's and thought I'd start one for the next application cycle. I'm finishing up pre-reqs and taking the GRE... Read More

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    Good morning everyone! This should be the last week of waiting so if anyone hears from UIC let us know! Good luck!!!

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    I was just wondering if anyone who is waiting to hear from UIC previously has been wait-listed from any of the other programs (at Rush or DePaul). I'd read from last year's group that there were a few people accepted to UIC that then got into one of the other programs from the wait list so decided to go there instead- so just curious. Hopefully we all hear soon!
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    I think I've developed an ulcer.....
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    Ha! I feel your pain Medik . . .
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    Couldn't agree more-the waiting is killing me!
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    Every time I see a new email notification my heart skips a beat! I hope we hear by Friday or else all weekend I'll be tweaking out (even more so)
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    Yeah this isn't funny anymore...I just want to know!!
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    Start checking those e-mails! I just got my offer of admission! Good luck everyone!!
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    I just got an email saying that I was wait listed for PNP. However, I've already accepted at Johns Hopkins. Hopefully someone else can move up the wait list!
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    I was denied :/ good luck everyone!

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