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    Is anyone looking at University of Hawaii's MEPN program for Fall 2012? I'm originally from Honolulu and would LOVE to go back and do this program. Especially since I would pay in-state tuition!

    I've looked over the lengthy forum about the program from 2009. Is there anyone who went to UH's program that started this Fall? I would be quite interested to hear your stats (GPA, etc.) and to find out how many people applied and how many were accepted/matriculated this year. I will also be taking A&P 2 and Microbiology in the Spring and I am curious if that will hurt me since I am not done with all the prereqs. They say you just have to finish them by July, but I am wondering if that is really true.

    Any info previous MEPN people can give me would be great. Thanks!

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    I applied to this program and am waiting to hear back! There isn't much info. about it on here so I would love to hear from other people as well!
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    Just read about your interview invite to UPENN, wpolorocker! I would love to hear about your stats/experience, etc! If you can get an interview there I'm sure you are golden for other programs!
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    Thanks for the confidence, Miss Holland!
    I have an undergrad degree from SMU in Music Education with a GPA of 3.7. I have CNA license though I have never worked as one (I just got the license last month), and I am currently taking nursing prerequisites at a community college. I don't have any medical experience to speak of, but I had good grades, with all As on my mid-semester score report. My GRE score was 1200 with a writing of 3.5.
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    Very cool! You sound like a great applicant! What track are you applying to? I applied for the FNP/APHN track. =0)
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    I haven't sent it in yet, but I'm looking at FNP.
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    I have not sent in either but also looking at FNP wpolorocker I can't find too much information about this program.
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    Interested as well to learn more about this program!
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    Got word yesterday that my application is complete and that I will be contacted in the event that I am selected for an interview!! Let's hope that is indeed the case!!! Dreaming about the program and Hawaii in the meantime...
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    Is this all of us for this program?! Are you getting excited that the deadline has passed and we should be hearing within the next month about interviews? I am!

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