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Is anyone looking at University of Hawaii's MEPN program for Fall 2012? I'm originally from Honolulu and would LOVE to go back and do this program. Especially since I would pay in-state tuition! :) I've looked over the lengthy... Read More

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    With that I think it's fair to say we will hear by the end of next week. Wow!
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    Hi everyone...i'm new to this thread and i'm also fairly new to this site after registering. after reviewing everyone's blogs...i just want to say I am on the same boat...i applied to the MEPN program and i am trying to patiently wait to hear the news. how is everyone doing on the wait? as the end of March nears...it's starting to be more stressful than eager to hear the news :0( has anyone applied to other schools or knows of other schools with similar requirements?
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    Hi Everyone,

    I just want to let you know that I have a friend in last year's cohort. She was notified via telephone on March 18th and she was the first group to be notified. So, either this week or next but things change every year. Good luck to everyone!
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    Ok, officially mid-March now, huh? Good luck to everyone, we WILL hear soon 17 days max?!?
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    i haven't had the time or guts to call. this probably has nothing to do with it, but a classmate of mine had mentioned that the dental hygiene program at UH sent out letters which were received by applicants today. possibly same admin since all nursing programs belong to the same school within UH? making myself craaaazy haha. what will i do when i have the envelope in my hand finally? probably just stand at the mailbox in a frozen state until my husband gets home haha. i'm so anxious to actually receive a letter, that i haven't decided what to do with it when i get it!!
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    Waiting to hear back like the rest of you. =D
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    how is everyone holding up?
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    Very eager to hear! Every day I am tempted to contact Shannon and ask him if we will be called soon .
    But, I don't.

    I hope we are notified by phone rather than by postal mail; .

    Hey, also, in case you all are interested, there is a MEPN facebook page.
    It is called UH MANOA MEPN.

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    Lol. I love this thread! Next week! I bet!
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone on the thread. Here is hoping the next two weeks go by quickly.
    I am REALLY hoping they have decided to notify people before spring break. They will right? Right? I am over the waiting and I am ready to know one way or another. Everyone hang in there and keep us informed!

    BTW- I just want to thank everyone for posting on the thread. Knowing what is happening with other prospective students has kept me somewhat sane during this crazy wait. You guys are the best!

    Have a great weekend and check your mail
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