UCSF MEPN Applicants for 2010 entry

  1. I thought I would start a new thread. I've read quite a bit of the activity from previous classes and I thought it would be great to get a community of support started for those who have applied for UCSF's MEPN program... not just for us now, but for the future applicants who will read our posts! (: (the added bonus is this thread will be in gender neutral territory

    Would love to hear the stories of folks who are applying to nursing programs (UCSF and otherwise).

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  3. by   Protongirl
    Hey there! I'm applied to the FNP track at UCSF. I am also applying to programs at JHU, Yale, UMB, Vandy, Georgetown, & VCU.

    It is a relief to finally be done with one of the applications! Now the wait begins

    Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   mpcali
    Hello! I've been reading various threads for awhile and I decided it was finally time to post..so here I am! I too just finished the application process at UCSF (I'm applying for the pediatric NP track) and I am so happy that part is done, but now I think the wait to hear about interviews will be tortuous! Doesn't December seem like such a long way off??
    Anyway, I'm glad this thread got started, it will be a good way for us to all go through the rest of this process together! Good luck Everyone!
  5. by   Sandman2855
    Hey everyone. I'm applying to the ucsf mepn program critical care/trauma specialty. Anyone else applying to this track? I'm really excited about this program just nervous because I know how competetive it is to be accepted. This is gonna be one hell of a waiting game. Anyone applying to other programs? I'm applying to ucla's mecn program and cal state long beach, UNiversity of San Francisco and a few others. Hope to hear from a lot of people and good luck to u all!!
  6. by   jjsrn1
    Hi everyone! Glad to see this thread started. I've applied to the FNP track at UCSF. I'm also applying to a few entry-level programs in the northeast. We do have a long wait, but December will be here before we know it. Good luck!! :-)
  7. by   Protongirl
    Has anyone been able to check the status of their application after locking it? The website says that after the due date you can sign in and see if you have any missing items, but I have not been able to find the link to sign in!
  8. by   Sandman2855
    Go to the same place u went to fill out ur app. It should now just show ur Application status instead of ur application
  9. by   jjsrn1
    Nope, I haven't been able to check my status either.
  10. by   Protongirl
    It's good to know I'm not the only one! This whole process makes you a little paranoid - objectively, I know I paid & locked it properly . . . but still.

    I sent them an email asking about it, I will post whatever response I get.
  11. by   mpcali
    I'm assuming you have an MPH, MPHgirl? What did you specialize in? I'm currently finishing my MPH in epidemiology! Anyway, just curious...figure we might as well keep ourselves busy for the next...oooooo...3-4 months!
  12. by   jjsrn1
    Hey Mpcali!

    Yes, I do have my MPH. I specialized in Community Health & Prevention. Congrats on your impending MPH! Public health is a wonderful field and Epi is great to specialize in...I just never was a fan of numbers :-) Which school are you at? I went to Drexel in Philadelphia.

    You're right, keeping busy is key!! I have some more apps to work on so that in addition to my job should keep me well occupied until Dec. And I'm sure you will be quite busy with your thesis I remember it being a long, grueling process, but I felt sooo good when it was all done...and you will too!
  13. by   mpcali
    Yes public health is fantastic! I really think it will help me be a better practicing nurse when that time comes! As for me, I'm at UCLA, and yes, i'm working on my research at the moment. Definitely not always fun...sometimes I want to throw my computer right out the window! But you're right, my research, in addition to some classes and a pre-req will keep me quite busy until December! I have a feeling i'll still be able to find some time to worry though! Good luck until then and i'll "see" you on the thread, as i'm sure we'll all be obsessively updated everyone minor correspondence we have with UCSF!
  14. by   jjsrn1
    Protongirl, I was able to log-in to the UCSF website today to check on my status. So, it should be working now!