UCLA MSN Fall 2014

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    Hi friends!

    Anyone applying to the UCLA MSN-Advanced Practice program for Fall 2014? I applied for the FNP program. I figured we could use this thread to chat and update each other!



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    Hi. I am currently putting the final touches on my application. I just had a baby and put my msn quest on hold. On Wednesday, I figured out I was qualified for the acute care np program at ucla. This sop is a sob. Lol. But I know it's going to be the deciding factor on my application.

    It says the application is due dec 1. Does that mean before the end of nov 30 or by 1159 pm on Dec 1? I don't want to wait until fall 2015 to start!

    Good luck to you!
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    Lol, it probably means 1159pm on November 30th. ;-)
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    Probably too late now but I would think applications would still be accepted 12/1 but not after. Anyway, good luck! And congrats on your baby. Hopefully you can now start your education MSN endeavor!
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    Thanks for all your input! I just submitted, however it was time stamped EST!! I emailed all the admission contacts to find out if I am too late. Will let you know!

    Hopefully you can start your MSN endeavor as well! Thank you for starting this thread. I look forward to staying in touch with the rest of us who eagerly await acceptance letters in March!!

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    This morning at 5am, I received an email from the office of admissions that my application will be considered on time. Nice to know there are REAL, communicative people in admissions.
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    I applied for the FNP for Fall 2014 as well. Based on last year's class, we might have to wait as late as April for for decisions. Are any of you having to re-take physiology or any other classes? I will have to re-take physio because it has been more than five years (took it in Spring of 2008) and nursing assessment because my assessment class is not listed on their "Approved Courses" list. Good luck to us all.
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    I will also be re-taking Physio since I took it in 2002!! I am trying to take it at the community college where I originally completed it this spring.
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    I was thinking of going back to the JC I took it at too, but it's so hard to get a seat now and it would be hard to work it into my work schedule so I would be doing the UC Berkley extension class, but it's $850 dollars. =X I will wait until I get admission though because it is a hefty amount to invest.
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    I took the physio and stats prerequisites at UCLA extension online. Expensive but worth it with my work schedule. And I need to take assessment as well. But I understand that we can take that at UCLA once we are accepted.

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