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  1. 0 Hi everybody! I've applied for Texas Tech's Spring 2012 FNP Program and I was wondering if anybody else has applied too. I got an email when I initially requested information that acceptance/denial letters will be issued in October, and then I saw somehwhere on the TTSON website that they will be issued 4-6 weeks after the deadline, which was Sept 1. I didn't get in contact with anybody in detail from the school regarding my application process because it was pretty self-explanatory and I didn't need much assistance with it, but I haven't heard anything from them and it's making me a little nervous! Has anybody else heard anything? Or does anybody have any information regarding their application process from here? Thanks in advance for any responses!
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    Moved to the post-grad forum (vs. the GN forum) to encourage responses.
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    Hi I also applied for the FNP program! I have not heard anything either and that makes me real nervous. The catalog does say 4-6 weeks and it will be 6 weeks on Thursday. Good luck and keep me posted when you hear something!
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    Just spoke with the graduate admission coordinator and admission offers will be sent the last week of this month!!!!
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    have you check merlin?
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    :spin: great minds must think alike...i couldn't contain myself anymore and i called one of the coordinators too and they said by the end of this month...jeez! i was all worked up just waiting...oh well more waiting i guess! @viranimehboob nothing has changed on my merlin...status still says "you have no status at this time"...is that what ya'lls says too?
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    I have the same exact thing going on, this wait is killing me! Has anyone been able to figure out how many nurses apply, and how many get accepted. I am trying to weigh the odds but I havent been able to find many details about acceptance/denial.
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    I personally have no idea...it's different doing it all online because for my bsn I met w faculty who really gave u a heads up as to what you're up against. I feel like I'm flying blind here! It's kind of nerve wrecking! I'm surprised nobody has responded to the TT threads w more info, like perhaps someone who has experience applying to the program...I guess we just hafta wait and see!
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    I got my acceptance e-mail today! Very excited. Don't know anything as far as # of applicants and accepted, but a friend of mine and I are the only people I know who applied for Spring of 2012. I got in, she didn't. So not everyone is being accepted.
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    Which program did you get into and what is your gpa if you dont mind me asking? Congrats!!!! I have not heard anything.....
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    I also got my acceptance email yesterday, however I cannot make up my mind. I have till 11/18/2011 to accept or decline. I have Ursuline College, University of Cincinnati and Texas Tech. Please help me out. Never been to Texas
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    I got my acceptance letter this morning.My GPA is 3.86 and I had applied for fall 2011 and was rejected. I already started the admissions process for Kaplan University and was accepted yesterday.Kaplan didn't make me provide references, an essay, or even an official transcript before they accepted me. I've been skeptical of the Kaplan program since they contacted me; and now with my TTUHSC acceptance, I'm seriously confused about what to do. I know that there were greater than 460 applicants to Texas Tech for Spring 2012 and I think I was told they accept about 25 students per term (that is the mean number of students for most terms at all the colleges I have contacted). I'm excited and a little irritated at the same time.
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    My GPA is around 3.9. Been an ICU nurse for 3 years and a Peri-op nurse for 1.5 years.
    Ashonman, I don't know much about the other Universities you applied to, but I live in Texas and can say that Texas Tech has a good reputation here and puts out quality nurses at the undergrad and graduate level...
    Mitzisdad, I would definitely go to Texas Tech over Kaplan. I bet cost at Tech is less, and its a competitive program, which I feel says a lot when the other program accepts students based on an unofficial transcript alone, if that is all they required of you. Also, I generally feel better knowing the program you're in, even if it is web based, exists at a University that also holds in person class. It makes it seem more "real", I don't know if that makes sense...