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    Hi everybody! I've applied for Texas Tech's Spring 2012 FNP Program and I was wondering if anybody else has applied too. I got an email when I initially requested information that acceptance/denial letters will be issued in October, and then I saw somehwhere on the TTSON website that they will be issued 4-6 weeks after the deadline, which was Sept 1. I didn't get in contact with anybody in detail from the school regarding my application process because it was pretty self-explanatory and I didn't need much assistance with it, but I haven't heard anything from them and it's making me a little nervous! Has anybody else heard anything? Or does anybody have any information regarding their application process from here? Thanks in advance for any responses!

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    Moved to the post-grad forum (vs. the GN forum) to encourage responses.
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    Hi I also applied for the FNP program! I have not heard anything either and that makes me real nervous. The catalog does say 4-6 weeks and it will be 6 weeks on Thursday. Good luck and keep me posted when you hear something!
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    Just spoke with the graduate admission coordinator and admission offers will be sent the last week of this month!!!!
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    have you check merlin?
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    :spin: great minds must think alike...i couldn't contain myself anymore and i called one of the coordinators too and they said by the end of this month...jeez! i was all worked up just waiting...oh well more waiting i guess! @viranimehboob nothing has changed on my merlin...status still says "you have no status at this time"...is that what ya'lls says too?
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    I have the same exact thing going on, this wait is killing me! Has anyone been able to figure out how many nurses apply, and how many get accepted. I am trying to weigh the odds but I havent been able to find many details about acceptance/denial.
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    I personally have no idea...it's different doing it all online because for my bsn I met w faculty who really gave u a heads up as to what you're up against. I feel like I'm flying blind here! It's kind of nerve wrecking! I'm surprised nobody has responded to the TT threads w more info, like perhaps someone who has experience applying to the program...I guess we just hafta wait and see!
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    I got my acceptance e-mail today! Very excited. Don't know anything as far as # of applicants and accepted, but a friend of mine and I are the only people I know who applied for Spring of 2012. I got in, she didn't. So not everyone is being accepted.
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    Which program did you get into and what is your gpa if you dont mind me asking? Congrats!!!! I have not heard anything.....

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