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Texas Tech FNP 2012 - page 2

Hi everybody! I've applied for Texas Tech's Spring 2012 FNP Program and I was wondering if anybody else has applied too. I got an email when I initially requested information that acceptance/denial... Read More

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    Littlebelle1293, thank you very much, I have been battling with which school to go to, my other school is a private catholic school (not kaplan lol and equally good. But I am actually leaning towards Texas Tech. Are you currently at Texas Tech or starting this spring?
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    Quote from mitzisdad
    I know that there were greater than 460 applicants to Texas Tech for Spring 2012 and I think I was told they accept about 25 students per term (that is the mean number of students for most terms at all the colleges I have contacted).
    Wow! Did the SON give you this information? Is it for all graduate programs combined or just FNP? I was accepted for spring 2012, and now I'm thinking how lucky I was!