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Hi everyone, How many of you have applied for the 2013 Accelerated BSN/MSN program at JHU SON? I applied early decision and completed my phone interview on the 26th. They said they will start making decisions calls around... Read More

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    Hey Everyone!

    I found this thread a little late and looked through it quickly. Not sure if this was answered yet, but does anyone know the reason behind some people getting interviews with a faculty member of the specialty and those who dont? I had my interview in December and it was only with an admissions counselour (who was super nice!). Granted it's only been 3 weeks since my interview I'm getting anxious, especially that some people are hearing back already?! CONGRATS TO THOSE WHO HAVE!!

    When I asked, they said we will hear back BY MARCh 1st, meaning we can hear back at any point from our interview until March 1st. That was my impression!

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    The people who heard back already were early decision. And some people have had interviews with staff in their specialty... I think two people from midwifery did, and I'm not sure if any other specialties have (someone please correct me if I'm wrong)!
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    Hmm that's a little frustrating. Hopefully they will let us know sooner rather than later...thanks Hopeful!
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    Yeap, apparently for the midwifery/public health in nursing route, we have to be interviewed by a midwifery + PHN faculty members, midwifery director from shenandoah (that's where most of the master's portion is completed) and in my case, I was also interviewed by a regular nursing admissions counselor. A bit all over the place. I just wish they woulda told me that I had to interview with a midwifery faculty, that way I woulda saved my in person interview/funds for that one instead of the regular generic nursing counselor interview. I feel like that person would have less of an influence over the faculty member.
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    So I withdrew from all the schools I have applied to including Upenn, even tho they interviewed me but i didn't want to lose my spot at Hopkins. It was funny that all the schools replied in a very supportive and professional manner. But Stony Brooks emailed me a rejection email, saying we can't accept to our class for summer 2013...I was like huh? I emailed back saying, thanks for letting me know but you can't reject an applicant, when the applicant has already withdrawn his/her application from your school. It seems like they want to have an upper hand in saying that they rejected, instead of an applicant.
    They did the exact same thing with my brother too. He got into Dental School somewhere else and withdrew his app from SB and they emailed him a day after saying the exact same thing lol. A little off post but wanted to say this.
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    Hi Adhir,

    Can you send me an example of the letter you used to withdraw from the other schools? I am going to email my letters today.
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    That's what I sent-


    I appreciate for the opportunity given to me to apply to the University of _________ School of Nursing. But at this time I would like to withdraw my application because I have been offered an Early Decision spot at another school. So due to the binding as an Early Decision applicant, I must withdraw from other school(s) I have applied to.

    Again, thanks for considering my application for your program.

    Your Name

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    Thank you!
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    Does anyone know how intense the ABSN 2013 summer entry at Hopkins is? I am a little nervous hahah
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    I did hear that the first semester that starts end of May is the most intense. Since we are gonna be doing all of that in two months compare to students in the 17 or 18 month format, where they get one full semester...its gonna be crazy.
    But we gotta stay strong and study hard and support each other by saying- yes we can do this. After that semester we will dive into regular semesters. I actually wouldn't mind studying with people late at night either, if I study with people I can stay up. Although it's more of like I need to see people who are studying around me to stay up rather than discussing too much. I can't study at home lol cause it is so easy to fall asleep when the bed is right there.haha

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