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Hi everyone, How many of you have applied for the 2013 Accelerated BSN/MSN program at JHU SON? I applied early decision and completed my phone interview on the 26th. They said they will start... Read More

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    My interviewer was an admissions counselor... I can't remember her name, to be honest. I think they are assigned to interviewees by geographical area. bardone, it's very similar to the Penn interview so I'm sure you'll be well prepared!

    I think that they make phone calls in mid-December to early admissions applicants, so that may be where that came from. My interviewer first told me that I'd hear before the January deadline, which got me really excited... so I called to find out for sure, and one of the people who works in admissions told me that I'd hear in December, which made me even more excited. And then someone else told me that typically it's late January/early February, March 1st at the latest, and that we will be notified via phone call. So who knows?! I'm going with the last one since that seems what has happened in the past, but I'm also applying for a different start date so it may be different for me anyways.
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    My interviewer was also an admissions counselor, Danelle Alton. I had gone to JHU for an info session earlier this year and she was the same woman who gave the tour. She's really nice. She said we'd hear back in March, but based on past threads for this program it seems that people found out if they were admitted into the bachelors and masters portions separately. People found out if they were admitted to the bachelors portion prior to hearing about the masters portion. So I'm not really sure exactly when.
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    Did anyone receive a copy of the Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine? I received a copy in the mail last week. Call me crazy, but I'm taking that as a sign, LOL. Seriously though, did anyone else receive a copy?
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    @ nautia193

    Yes I got the same magazine and got super excited until I saw it was addressed to "Luminal or Current Residence". sigh I guess it's just promotional material.

    Has anyone received a phone call or rejection letter? I have one eye glued to my phone all day.
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    I keep checking my phone to make sure I have bars. I work in a hospital so my service can be intermittent at times.
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    I also received the magazine... I think they stick your address on their mailing list when they get your application!

    Good luck to the early admissions people, who'll be hearing back sometime in the next week or so!

    For summer entry, I was told that they'd be notifying applicants "in early February" for the BSN portion.
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    Hi everyone! I'm also applying for the summer 2013 ABSN/MSN program and was wondering if you guys could clarify something for me- are the phone interviews that everyone is talking about going on right now for the early decision applicants or for everyone? I know eventually the regular decision students get interviewed but I just wasn't sure if that was going on right now or at a later date. Also, does everyone get an interview? Thanks so much!
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    The early decisions applicants will be getting phones if they are accepted hopefully this week or next week JHU told us decisions would be released on Dec 15th but that's a Saturday so I'm hoping they start to call people before. It doesn't look like the calls have started though... It's so nerve racking!
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    okay people, good news! I called for something entirely different, but the person from admissions who answered the phone told me that Early Decision letters were being sent out today and tomorrow!! Good luck to everyone!!
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    Thanks for the update!!! Good luck everyone!!!!!!
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    Shmipps, I don't know if everyone gets an interview, but they are interviewing regular decision students now -- I had mine earlier this week.
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    I'm regular decision and I was interviewed in October, I'm not sure if there's really a rhyme or reason to any of it.
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    I'm also regular decision and I was interviewed in October, and was told I'd hear a decision within 6-weeks..but then I called after the 6th week and they said by dec 15th..

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