Summer Entry 2013 Accelerated BSN/MSN Johns Hopkins - page 18

Hi everyone, How many of you have applied for the 2013 Accelerated BSN/MSN program at JHU SON? I applied early decision and completed my phone interview on the 26th. They said they will start... Read More

  1. by   hopefulnurse24
    We just have to be patient, everyone! Either way we will be hearing soon (but hopefully tomorrow via phone call!).
  2. by   tadams22
    Unfortunately, I just called admissions and it seems like they aren't calling this year for the BS-MSN program. They said letters go out tomorrow though...
  3. by   hopefulnurse24
    Taadams, they had been saying that for awhile (the past month), but we will see tomorrow!
  4. by   tadams22
    I hope you're right!
  5. by   lg283
    that is strange. They usually always call accepted students. I thought that was a tradition and either way they send letters out to both accepted students and denials. Has anyone who applied to the summer accelerated 2013 program heard back yet? (besides the early decisions)?
  6. by   lg283
    & I was in this chatroom that JHU provided last week for prospective students and I am pretty sure as a recall, she said accepted students receive phone calls and a letter goes out the following week.
  7. by   hopefulnurse24
    People should call and ask! Look for specific people to talk to though, and don't call general admissions!
  8. by   ShanghaiGirl
    I e-mailed my specific admissions counselor to ask how we would hear but didn't hear back. They're probably super busy at this point so that's kind of fair.
  9. by   hopefulnurse24
    Oh, I'm sure they are very busy! I just meant that calling specific people who work in admissions may be most effective to get an answer rather than calling general admissions!
  10. by   lg283
    hopefulnure24 are you a student at JHU? you seem to know so much about it! I was in the chatroom for JHU and the admissions counselor said we would here back by march 1st via phone call.
  11. by   hopefulnurse24
    No, I'm not a student... I've just done my research. Hopefully I will be one as of tomorrow, though! Haha! I hope you are right and that we do hear back via phone call tomorrow!
  12. by   kdiem
    I hope you're right lg283! A phone call would be awesome. If we waited for the letters, us California folks won't hear until next week
  13. by   hopefulnurse24
    It is 8:30 EST, so if nobody has received a phone call yet, I'm going to assume they aren't making phone calls this year.