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    I remember seeing posts re South University some time ago but have not seen any for a while. I am considering this school for my ANP. There are several pluses. They were doing some work on curriculum but will soon be accepting applications again. It is accredited by the CCNE. Is anyone else considering this school or have knowledge to share? I have spoken with them, and they have been very helpful. I also wonder if the school graduated from makes a real difference in getting hired. Barinbass

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    Hey, I have considered applying to this school. I have read some other posts that were posted this month about this and their np program. I wanted to apply for msn specializing in nursing education. It seems it a pretty good school to go to. I just have to apply.
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    Really good to find another interested in their MSN program. I'd love to read the other posts about their NP program. I know their educator program is runniing now according to what they tell me and also learned today that it is accredited by the SACS or Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as well as NLNAC and CCNE. The SACS gives it local accrditation. There is a company that manages the administrative aspects of the online format of the school much like there is an IT dept that does it for other colleges. I am assuming that is who I have been talking to in Pittsburgh, the dept managing the online Admissions. They have a number to call with a menu that incudes Student assistance Called it today and spoke to a nce woman. She seemed very interested in helping me get answers to questions. I can't see the actual curriculum until June 1, but am leaning toward this school. I can take the same national boards as other schools, will have the same license, and it is accredited by all three agencies. It also is $373.00 a credit hour. I also have to wait until them to see exactly what they will give me credit for from my already completed MSN courses. The Adm contact did tell me 12 hours when I pressed for annswer. Hope she is right or maybe more. Glad to meet another interested in South's MSN and thanks for posting. Barinbass.
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    Have you considered applying to a Post Master Certificate program since you already have a MSN?
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    I am planning on getting my MSN...I graduated this passed Dec with my BSN. I just wanted to continue. I didnt want to wait no longer than a year to go back. I thought about getting a MBA. I have to really think about how I want to pursue it. Thank you for you input also.
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    Getting the certificate would be the way to go, but I do not have my MSN yet. I am in process of getting it but think the online format is better for me. Dd my RN-BSN online and did very well. Also, my present program water hoses us with information and there are programs that do offer the patho and clinical courses in divided doses so to speak. That will benefit me in the long run much more too. Once I get my ANP, if I want to add another area, I will definitely chose the certificate route.
    If it happens that a PhD is required for NPs, how do you think it will be handled for those with MSNs? Barinbass
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    It depends where you work if the phD is need for np. Right now we both need to just take one step at a time. Lets get through the MSN program first.
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    South University isn't hospitable to those who have a BA and wish to move on toward the MSN via the BA>RN>MSN route. They said over the phone that "all programs in the country require completion of a BSN before moving on to the MSN", which I know is not true as I just recently applied to an RN>MSN Bridge program (community health/leadership/research cluster) at the graduate level through another school. When they insisted on this I got suspicious. They obfuscated by saying that they also have a "Bridge Program" (it is not an MSN bridge program, it is a BSN program followed by an MSN program). Then when they told me that their NP program would not change and that they had "never heard of" the AANC recommendation for DNP as entry to NP practice by the year 2015, I had to question their integrity as a program, or at least their honesty. I find it hard to believe that a program offering the MSN for NP would not be aware of this potential sea change affecting their students and potential students. I am looking for a school that honors my level of education (I am not completing a third bachelor's degree before continuing my education- if that was really the case I would just go to law school!), offers me no less and no more than what I need to progress to the MSN level, and offers honest feedback when I ask questions in order to choose a school.
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    If the ACCN recs go through for 2015 NPs will have to be "in practice by 2015". This kills the dream for many people considering the NP path who haven't started and don't have years of experience under their belt already. Bear in mind that the NP programs take 3 years + exam study/pass + 1 year of residency + finding a job to enter practice = at LEAST 4 years. 2011 is almost here. New grads thinking about becoming NPs had better plan on going the DNP route, taking longer, and having very good grades.
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    South university's enrollement officers called my friend and told her if she was interested in the Adult practitoner online program. She quickly agreed, got all her recommendations and everything and she got accepted. WRONG....... They enrolled her into the Nurse Educator program and then told her that the Adult practitoner program was still under review and that it wasn't going to have one. So to all. If you applied to south university Adult practitioner program and got in call and ask what program are you enrolled in.
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