Samuel Merritt ELMSN/FNP Fall 2013 Sacramento - page 5

Hi Everyone, I haven't seen this thread yet and as the application date (July 1) looms closer I thought I would start one. I am interested to know who is applying, what your undergraduate degree of... Read More

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    Hi @beezie! I know it's so good to hear to hear anything from SMU! A lot of anxiety just waiting..haha. I thought spring 2013 was only sac campus right? I haven't applied to other programs yet, but I do plan on submitting more apps once the deadline comes rolling around. I feel like nursing programs all have different deadlines! How about you???
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    OMG! Received an email for the ELMSN/FNP and I have an interview on September 8th. Wow, here we go....
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    @KC613- Good luck with the interview!! I have a few questions...Do you have all the prerequisites done and your Bachelors complete? Do you mind sharing your GPA? Again, awesome news about the interview!!
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    KC613, good luck on the interview !!
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    KC613, that is awesome! Good luck on the interview. Hopefully, I will be invited to interview too.
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    That's AMAZING, KC613, and I bet well-deserved. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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    Wow congrats!!! Let us all know how your interview goes
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    The waiting game has now gotten way more intense, lol.
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    This is actually a thread for SMU ELMSN-FNP Spring 2013 (NOT Fall), correct? Yesterday I too received an invitation to interview with SMU on Sept. 8.
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    Congrats to you too ProphetessCCC! Does anybody know how long interviews are going to go on for? Are interviews only going to be in the month of September? And what if the day they scheduled you conflicts; will you be able to reschedule it?
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    Last year, when I interviewed, they were able to accomodate people who needed to reschedule. But there are only so many days to choose from since these are group interviews... I think they do about 6 groups of 15 or so
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    Thank you Sisyer! My friend also told me it looks really bad to reschedule your interview. But thanks for answering me =)
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    You're welcome! If I remember correctly, it was on a weekend... so hopefully that makes it easier for people!

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