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Hi Everyone, I haven't seen this thread yet and as the application date (July 1) looms closer I thought I would start one. I am interested to know who is applying, what your undergraduate degree of... Read More

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    FYI wait listed folks! I was wait listed, now I am in! Movement has started.

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    Hey all- I was wait listed and I got a call from Liza today! I'm in!! So keep hope alive!!
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    Congrats dardymomma! That's amazing!
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    dardymomma,If you don't mind me asking, what # were you on the waitlist
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    Congrats btw!!
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    Quote from jly0162
    dardymomma,If you don't mind me asking, what # were you on the waitlist
    I was number one, but don't lose hope! It's moving!!
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    Grats dardymomma! That is wonderful news.
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    hi dardymomma,
    did you interview on saturday, september 15th by chance? i interviewed that day and wanted to touch base. sounds like you got in! would love to hear back so i can chat with you. thanks!
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    hi all,
    this is my first time posting. is anyone commuting to sacramento campus? what is the longest commute you know of? i'm debating about a move to sacramento vs a commute. also...if anyone has suggestions on best place to live.
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    Yes jp108! That's me! i'll shoot you a message here and I'll give you my private email! Then we can connect...

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