OSHU Accelerated BSN to MSN Nurse-Midwifery 2013

  1. Hi all,

    I have seen GREAT threads for the 2011 and 2012 applicants and cohorts to OHSU's AccBacc to MSN programs, but cannot find one for 2013. Someone suggested we make one for the 2013 applicants, so here goes! This is for anyone who has applied, is interested in the program, and wants to chat together about interviews, how they went, applications, etc. I have just seen people posting for 2013 on several of the 2011 and 2012 boards and wanted to make a 2013 specific board.

    I'll start!! My interview is on the 24th and I'm quite nervous!! Bought a nice pair of dress slacks and a button down, hoping that I do well, though I'm nervous.

    I will post another question that I found on the 2012 blog about 2013-ers. Has anyone found a way to go through the faculty for the Midwifery program without searching the entire nursing faculty list alphabetically? Such as a short list for the CNM program faculty? It would be very helpful to be able to associate names with faces before the potluck so I'm not squinting at everyone's names on their nametags and looking silly!
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  3. by   kdiem
    Hi Fishe23a! I applied to the BSN-MSN midwifery specialty too. I've been anxiously waiting for interviews to be sent out. I didn't realize they already sent some out. When did you receive your notice? And was it email or phone call? I hope I hear something soon...
  4. by   mitbde
    Hi! Thanks for starting this thread. I applied for the AccBacc to MSN in nurse-midwifery as well, and will be interviewing on Friday. Fishe23a, do you know how many of us are interviewing? I look forward to meeting you at the potluck in a couple days. Good luck!
  5. by   ecable
    I applied to the Psych program - am hoping to hear about an interview soon! Anyone else out there?
  6. by   celestechavez
    I interviewed last Thursday. From what I understand, I could have misunderstood or remembered wrong so don't totally rely on this info but from what I remember they said 37 applicants for 12 spots, +/- depending on their applicant class. Over 70% are applying to the AccBacc program, over 50% accepted to AccBacc, the others have a BSN and will start with the AccBacc class from last year.
  7. by   ecable
    Celeste, did you interview for Midwifery or Psych?
  8. by   fishe23a
    I have been so busy in the last week that I forgot to check this and realized someone had asked me about interviews! To kdiem - I was called in the third week of December and offered interviews, which were Thursday and Friday Jan 24th/25th and Jan 30th/February 1st. I know that, unless someone has made special arrangements with them, that the interview process is now over! I am hoping that you did hear something after all!

    And I am not sure about exact numbers (in reference to comments by celestechavez and ecable) but if it's the same Celeste, then ecable, she was referring to the Midwifery program, not the psych program. The number of people at the potluck was, if I am remembering correctly, 8 - and so I'd assume a similar showing the following week. This would be 16 applicants, but not everyone who interviewed attended the potlucks, and not everyone interviewed in Portland (some people chose a skype conference call interview). I'm sorry if that doesn't really help! They will have roughly 12 spots, but only 8 accepted (if I understood the answer to the question I asked) through the AccBacc program and 4 accepted directly into the CNM portion who have already completed their BSN prior to matriculation in the program. They said we will know if we are accepted end Feb /early March, but those waitlisted or rejected will not be informed until the end of March when they have finished sorting out accepted student "stuff".\

    I hope this helps!! I'll post back here and if any of us get in, we should definitely start a facebook page just to chat / get to know each other before the program starts!
  9. by   UrineGoodHands
    Quote from ecable
    I applied to the Psych program - am hoping to hear about an interview soon! Anyone else out there?
    I'm waiting to hear on the psych program too. I have a constant state of butterflies in my stomach. My heart stops at every new email or phone call I don't recognize. I'm losing it a little!
  10. by   ecable
    Ha! I hear that, mgellis!! I keep checking my deleted messages folder in case I delete one from them accidentally. Haaa! If interviews are supposed to take place at the end of next week, I would hope we would hear something this week. I would hope.
  11. by   celestechavez
    I interviewed for Midwifery.
  12. by   mitbde
    I was told at the potluck that they were interviewing 36 for midwifery. Anyone else getting antsy? How did you feel about your interviews?
  13. by   fishe23a
    Thirty-six! That seems like such a large number compared to the number that get accepted....I know they said we shouldn't expect to hear before the end of February at the earliest but it's three weeks out from my interview and I'm starting to get a little antsy and nervous for sure! Fingers crossed for all of us...
  14. by   jpdx
    Hi everyone! I didn't know this thread existed, I'm so glad I found it! I interviewed for midwifery on Feb 1st. I was told that they would be notifying us in "the last two weeks" of February. I've been checking my phone, email, and online app constantly and I'm driving myself a little crazy. I hope we find out soon!

    Are you all waiting to hear back from other schools, too? What do you like or dislike about OHSU?