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Hi all, I have seen GREAT threads for the 2011 and 2012 applicants and cohorts to OHSU's AccBacc to MSN programs, but cannot find one for 2013. Someone suggested we make one for the 2013 applicants, so here goes! This is for... Read More

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    Thanks kdrade! I will definitely let you know if I choose OHSU. Thanks for the Nashville advice! I've never been but have heard great things about it.

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    Has anyone from from the wait list been accepted to the ABSN-CNM program yet? I was waitlisted but have no idea when (or if) I'll hear anything. Eek!
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    Hey mcav, any word yet? This forum has been really quiet. Let me know if you get in. Are you in Portland? Are you considering other programs as well?
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    I ended up waitlisted with "moderate chances" for CNM. Even if I do happen to get a phone call from OHSU, I don't think I'll end up going now that I've put down a deposit and made plans elsewhere. Good luck to you, mcav!!
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    Kdrade, I called OHSU last week and I was given the impression that the class was pretty much set...unless people start dropping out. I am currently in Vermont but will likely be moving somewhere (I don't know where yet, eek!) in May. I have applied to a few of other programs (Columbia, John's Hopkins, BC- WHNP) but pretty much only got in for ABSN... so I'll probably take next year to get experience (I applied with no birth experience this round) before trying again. What about you?

    Jpdx, congratulations and best of luck to you!!
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    @kdrade, I forgot to say congratulations on OHSU!!
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    I started a thread yesterday asking a similar question, but I am not sure if it will get seen or not. I figured this is a better place to ask since you all know how this process goes
    I have a couple of options that I am weighing at the moment. Both happen to involve OHSU. I have finished my nursing prerequisites/associate's degree with a 4.0, with my plan being to become a nurse and go all the way through OHSU's midwifery program finishing with a DNP. Perhaps you can advise on which pathway would be the best, or at least give me the best chances of getting through all of the coursework with as few breaks as possible.
    Option 1: Apply to OHSU's BSN program, then apply to the Midwifery program either right away or after a year or so of l&d experience (which I hear is hard to come by for new graduates).
    Option 2: Finish my bachelor's degree in Social and Behavioral Studies at another school, then apply for OHSU's Accelerated baccalaureate to DNP program for Nurse-Midwifery.
    Is one of these pathways better for continuing through without a break in my education? How many applicants are there for the BSN program vs the accelerated bacc to DNP program? I am very focused and know for certain that I want to be a midwife, and just want to make sure that I am giving myself the best possible chance to get into the program soon. I am currently working as a certified doula and plan to certify as a childbirth educator soon as well. I applied to a community college program last year and didn't get in due to the point system and doula work not counting as direct patient care. Although the Providence hospital close to me is hiring a doula right now and I have applied to that, which would increase my points since it will be seen as legitimate direct patient care. I am at the point now where my stats class will expire 2 years from the fall and I do NOT want to take it again...

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