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Hi all, I have seen GREAT threads for the 2011 and 2012 applicants and cohorts to OHSU's AccBacc to MSN programs, but cannot find one for 2013. Someone suggested we make one for the 2013 applicants, so here goes! This is for... Read More

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    Sorry to hear that, Erin. Sounds like you have a great plan though and everything will work out for the best!
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    Hey hannahzp, where are you applying from? Sorry if you mentioned it earlier, I just haven't had time to read the whole thread. I applied from New York and am wondering how competitive it is for east-coasters to get in? (I also applied for psych!)
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    I live in San Diego, it seems like its very competitive.
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    Still nothing. I'm wondering at what point I should give the admissions office a call? At this point it's around a month since I was hoping to hear back...
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    Acceptance deposits for CNM were due (postmarked) by today so I bet there's another round of letters going out soon. Any "declines" might open up room for more acceptances. Did you call admissions? I think it's perfectly reasonable to call and see if there's been any change to your status.
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    Thanks kdrade, good to know! If I don't hear anything by the end of the week I'll give them a call. I definitely need some closure on this!
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    Hi jpdx,

    I forgot to post this on Friday! I called just before admission closed on Friday, the 15th, and asked them if they had sent the waitlist and rejection letters yet for CNM. The receptionist told me that they had not yet sent them, but they were "working on it". So the earliest that they could have been sent out was Monday - I haven't called them since then to ask if they have been sent. I am sure that we will find out soon, though at this point I am not hopeful!
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    Ok, thanks! Yeah at this point I'm sure I didn't get in, but that's ok, I just want to know! Sounds like it will be pretty soon.
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    I just got accepted to the pmhnp program from the wait list! I'm most likely going to Vanderbilt though, I was also accepted from the wait list for their program.
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    Yay! Congrats Hannah! If you decide on OHSU, we should meet up for coffee prior to orientation. I would love to know someone else in the MSN program. Vanderbilt is also a great choice. I lived in Nashville briefly and really enjoyed it. If you go, be sure to try the tacos at The Local Taco in Sylvan Park.

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