online school vs traditional

  1. hello nurses..!
    i have a question.
    i have the opportunity to go back to school and finish my MSN
    but im not sure if Online school in a good option. Many, many people say traditional classes are better but i dont have time...
    online is perfect for me...
    do people with traditional school diplomas have a better chance to find jobs?
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  3. by   Kdrenee
    There are many respectable online schools now days IMO. Most state universities have online classes now. I don't think you can do any harm by it. I'm gonna do it after I finish my BSN! WGU is my school of choice.. As long as its accredited properly I don't think it matters.
  4. by   BunnyBunny
    I agree, as long as it has the right accreditation. I learn just as much in class as I do online. Being a working mom, online school has been a life saver.
  5. by   lhflanurseNP
    The comfort and flexibility of online classes is great, but requires strong motivation and discipline. There is a LOT of writing with online classes...especially in regards to the forums (like talking in class). I did my RN-BSN completely online and am starting my FNP program completely online also. When I got my BSN degree, it came from the college and made no mention of being anything than a BSN.
  6. by   ProfRN4
    I'm looking into going back for my PhD. I know for me, I NEED to do it the old fashion way. I tried one semester of online for my MSN. it was 10 years ago, I and a small child at the time and I worked nights. I had no ability to structure and discipline myself. I transferred to a brick and mortar school. I needed to be AT school, not in the house "at school". I also didn't like that I did not know my classmates (I don't think that would bother me as much now, because I have become much more social online).

    I also have the ability to do it fairly close to home, and it works for my schedule. One day a week, all day. It is part of the university system that I work for, they will pay for a good part of it, and my boss will give me that day off, and rearrange my schedule accordingly.

    It all depends on your situation, what's alternatives are available to you (brick and mortar in your neighborhood), cost, and resources. Some of my colleagues enjoy the fact that they can do their work at 3am on their couch. I am not productive at that hour, so that's not an advantage. I don't have child care needs (a 13 year old who gets herself to and from school). I have the ability to make it work with my schedule. And I feel much more motivated when in a traditional classroom.

    Also, be sure to look at any on-campus commitments the program may require, and where they are. It may only be once a year, but if its in a location that will be costly for you to travel to (or you hav e commitments you cannot get out of at home), this may be a deal breaker. My online MS program had an on-campus orientation, 2 or 3 days. It was about an hour from my home, so it was doable.
  7. by   ncrnmom
    Some great advice already posted. I will finish with my MSN (nurse educator track) in December '13. I have done it completely online. I do find it hard not to procrastinate, but I have one day a week that I dedicate to going to the public library to get my work done. I do some of it at home, but find too many distractions there! The only problem I have had is working in the clinicals that are required, so be sure to ask specifics about that. I had one last fall that required 180 hours of clinical and one this coming fall that only lists 12 hours of classroom student teaching in the generic information, but when the professor sent out the requirements it also requires 180 hours of time--I'm sure any time spent on preparing to teach will count, but that is still a lot of time. Luckily, I work part time and they are very supportive and cooperative with my schedule. I have already talked to some nursing programs about jobs teaching clinicals and not one of them batted an eye if it came up that this is an online course, probably because I am doing it through a well respected in-state school. This was really the only choice for me since this school only offers this track online at this point. The only time I have traveled to campus was for orientation, which was optional, but very helpful, and one time to meet with classmates about a group project and we chose to meet there because it was in the middle for all of us.
    Hope this helps!