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Online Adult/Gero NP through USA

  1. 0 I have applied to this program and am wondering if anyone is familiar with it? I hope I am not limiting myself by not going the FNP route, but I've heard most FNP programs are super competitive and I'd rather not set myself up for certain disappointment and failure. How hard is it to get into USA? Their website talks like they will allow as many qualified students as they have spaces.
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    I applied to Spring 2010 (FNP/Psychiatric). Are you applying for Spring or Fall admission? I have spoken with others attending USA and the students were positive about the school. I think the decision making by USA has a lot to do with GPA.
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    I applied for the Spiring 2010 Adult/gero or psychiatric NP. My GPA isn't impressive, cumulative is around 3.2. Oh well.
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    Mine was only 3.3, some students who are already in the program indicated they got in with a 3.2. I think our GPA might be okay. We will have to talk more, sounds like going for the same program if you end up going the psychiatric NP. Do you think we might hear anything as far as acceptance before Oct.? Did anyone from USA indicate to you the earliest you might hear? I hate the waiting!
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    i applied to usa too. i am anxiously waiting for a word from them. my gpa is 3.0. i have a BA in another area and ASN in nursing. my situation is tricky. i have applied to st louis too. i like the idea about no references and a darn essay.
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    I hope we hear soon.
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    Got my letter yesterday! I'll be doing ACNP. See you guys in research and patho in the Spring!
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    Congratulations meandragonbrett,

    See ya in research and patho!