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hey fellow applicants. I am currently in the process of applying to the Direct Entry program here. I am wondering if previous accepted applicants could give me a rundown off what credentials they brought to the table to get in. I... Read More

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    Oh no! I hope you still applied. Hear me out before you form an opinion about this, but NU's Direct Entry program also has an online version of the program. It's simply because they don't have the resources (professors) for a larger class size than 24. The only thing different than the other program is that the lectures are all online. But you still go in every week to the Burlington campus for your labs and exams, and you get the same clinical opportunities as the other program. A lot of students are accepted into this program who don't make it into the in-person class size of 24. The online version has 3 starts per year so you have a pretty good chance of being accepted! Also, it doesn't say anywhere at all on your permanent records from the program that you were in the online version of it (so employers have no way of knowing/judging you for having taken online classes).
    It's also cheaper for people like me who live closer by and don't want to move closer for classes every day.

    I sound like I work for NU... lol. But I am just really happy to know this program exists because it still gives you a good chance of graduating from the most respected DE program around. I'm sure online classes aren't for everyone but this is a great fit for me! And also, I have a feeling it is a lot less competitive than other programs since most applicants aren't yet comfortable with the idea of an online program.

    Good luck everyone!!! I hope we all get in SOMEWHERE haha =)

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    did you apply for fall 2013 or summer 2013. What classes have you completed and what are you grade stats. Wondering what type of people apply to online.
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    hellosun, thank you for posting! I actually had known about that, but from what I remember reading on threads from years past, the online program is only for those in certain specialties, and mine wasn't one of them. Is that correct, or were you told otherwise? Or are you in the program right now, or are you currently applying? I'm also not thrilled with the idea of an online program, to be completely honest, especially not for my BSN portion.

    sj10125, if I remember reading correctly, it's not that you get to pick on the application or anything... last year, it sounded like people just got randomly assigned to the online program.
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    hopefulnurse24 I'm not sure I remember, I just know mine was being offered so that's all I cared about =/ I want to say that she told me they are working on including all specialties but I'm not 100% sure. Has anyone heard back yet??
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    I applied for the on-campus direct entry program and I emailed the office a few days ago. They said

    "we are still reviewing applications. We will be contacting selected candidates in the next week or so to come in for an interview at the end of February. All applicants should be notified of their admissions decision by mid March/the first week of April at the latest."
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    what was you application like and your grades and what specialty track do you want
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    I have ~3.6 overall and ~3.9 in my prereqs and I applied for the neonatal track. I know my GPA is pretty low but I'm hoping my experience in the medical field helps! Anyone else?
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    what experience did you have, and what program online ABSN or traditional: Hellosun are you male or female lolol that can help to sadly the director said they are truly trying to diverse the program. what pre-reqs have you taken the more difficult ones like Microbiology, Anatomy 1&2, Chemistry and Human Growth help out more as a factor than Nutrition and Statistics I also have been volunteering at Dana Farber as my experience for about 6 months. Have a 3.4 overall in Political Science and Law and a 3.82 in pre-reqs for Microbiology, Human Growth development, Anatomy 1&2 and And Social Science a Religion Psych Course. It also matters she statted where you took them at a community college vs a university and how long ago the more recent the better.

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    Hi sj10125, I have experience shadowing in many different areas of nursing and I've been working in the veterinary field for years where I learned a lot about meds, injections and the like. It's obviously a lot different than human medicine haha but it definitely gave me a good perspective. I also have a ton of nurses in my family so I know a lot about the field from them which I tend to think has given a more realistic perspective of nursing than I might otherwise have. And I'm a female which seems a little unfortunate right now! haha. I have taken A&P1, Stats, Human G&D, Nutrition and am currently taking microbio, a&p2. But I have also taken and done well in genetics, bio and chem classes that I'm hoping will look good to admissions!

    I just found out that I was accepted into Regis College's part time bsn program which I'm actually really interested in since it will allow me to work while I'm in school. Have you applied anywhere else around here?
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    That is all awesome, i wish you the best outcome truly for the both of us. I have also had many amazing experiences volunteering a Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Meeting the children at the Jimmy Fund has truly been a god given gift to me. Seeing there struggles has helped me want to sacrifice myself for them. Seeing them smile is truly amazing. I was previously a law student and switched to this as my new found calling just recently as of last semester. I used all my savings to take Medical Micro, A&P I, Human Growth, A&P 2, Religion Psych, and lastly finishing Chem and Stats by April. I am completely broke and have gone through all my saving as a paralegal. UGGHHHHH lol but it is worth it. Currently I don't have the highest Uundergrad GPA of a 3.3 but have a high pre-req GPA and good recommendations from Dana-Farber and MD who i assisted so i guess i will be praying too lol. I will be applying to MGH, MCPHS, Boston College, Quinnipiac, Curry and praying some more in the future. My mother was a CNS for 25 years so she had a lot to do with this recent decision. Now that she is disabled and had to give up her job i truly want to pick up her commitment and carry it forward. I am hoping my interesting background and determination and personal experiences will help them drive them to accepting me. Looking at someone for numbers and GPA's is not a good way to accept someone at any school. I hope the best for you, and you wont be competing against me since i applied to Fast Track Online Psychiatric Mental Health.

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