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    I'm curious to know who has applied to the spring 2013 program and if they have gotten their acceptance letters or is still waiting?

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    i got my acceptance letter for ANP primary care on december 17th....

    what program did you apply for?
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    Hi robins! I got accepted and i applied to mental health program! I hope to see you at the orientation!
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    hey @missmo1984

    first of all, congratulations! would you mind sharing your credentials and how long you worked as an RN? i'm looking to apply to NYU's mental health nursing program in a year or two. i applied to absn programs (including NYU) and want to know what other factors they consider. thank you!
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    Hi!! Congrats to you all! I am also looking at NYU master's NP programs, still deciding between MH and Family. Will be applying in about 2 years. If any of you would be kind enough to tell me what your stats were and what prior work/volunteering/internships, etc. you may have held, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks and Good Luck :-)
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    Yes! I'm interested as well yet not sure of the track I want to take. Are they frugal w/ scholarships? NYU is a pretty penny but I would love to go there. Also, did any of you attend an open house?
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    Hi, does anyone know how many semesters is the psych NP program at NYU? Doesn't seem to say on their website. Thanks.
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    Hi all,

    I went to NYU's MSN open house about 2 weeks ago. It was quite informative. The family program is mandatory f/t, all the other programs are optional p/t. I have a non-nursing undergrad degree from Rutgers, the presenter recommended I take the pre-reqs (stats/research) at NYU as a caveat to my low undergrad GPA, to boost my chances of getting in. Hope this is useful info! Missmo1984, do you mind posting some of ur stats, i dont have pm privilege yet :-((
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    Jerseygirl, thanks for the info! It doesn't say how many semesters the programs take to complete f/t. With 48 semester credits, I'm guessing it's either 3 or 4? Did they tell you? Thanks!
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    Hi student! I remember something about 2 years if its f/t and 3-4 if p/t.
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