Marquette University MSN Direct Entry Fall 2013 - page 9

WHO'S APPLYING???! :wavey: I started a thread because I didn't see any!... Read More

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    Quote from rainkissedleaves
    Does anyone know if we are supposed to put our email or the email associated with our application with marquette's grad school here?
    I entered my personal e-mail, which is also the same one marquette has used to contact me throughout the application process. I didn't know we were given e-mail addresses. How did you get yours? Are you filling out your info with the DE14 code?

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    Quote from hopefulnurse24
    Hey there! That would be good! I am thinking about making a Marquette Nursing Facebook page for us all to join!
    Yes, please do!
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    I got it even before I got accepted. It was in the mail for me. They said they would use that extension to contact me ... But I can't even seem to open my email through the server. And yes, I am doing the background check. Except I got an email this morning (a reply) that its just done setting up for our cohort and that a mass email will be sent out when it's available. So I stopped.
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    Anyone done with their certified background check?
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    Rainkissedleaves - I finished my certified background check, but I haven't completed the health history portion. I'm trying to get in contact with the company since I used the incorrect tracking code. Are you finished?

    I'm visiting Milwaukee and MU later this week. Has anyone visited or plan on visiting soon? I've given it a lot of thought and I've pretty much decided that I'll attend Marquette. I think I said it before, but looking forward to meeting everyone and for classes to begin. It'll be May before we know it!

    Also, I'm curious, how old is everyone? I'm 26
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    HI everyone,
    I would like to add myself to the list of "accepted DE students" also. Now, it is time to decide since I have been accepted to another program too. My biggest concern: I have heard some grumblings about the time it takes to graduate from the program. I have heard that the MSN portion can take up to 4 years after the pre-license phase... Does anyone have any feedback on this?
    Also, it looks like I wont be the only one coming from someplace warm! Although, it does look like I may possibly be the only male on this board... Any other guys out there?
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    I got accepted!! anyone else get the good news??
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    Hey guys, I did the background check but not the immunization tracker. It's okay to do the background check with the DE 14 code, as long as you use the immunization tracker with the DE 15 code... at least, that's what I was told!

    Hawaii, I am less worried about that and more worried about not receiving a BSN.
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    Where do I fill out the background checks and such??
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    Congrats reifme25...Karen will send you an email with alll the info on the background check stuff...

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