Just got accepted to DNP program--need helpful tips!

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    I just got accepted to a DNP program for the fall. For those of you in a program, even at a Master's level, could you please give me some suggestions on helpful study guides/books/websites/anything that you feel has helped you through school? I would like to start reviewing stuff over the summer. Thanks! It's the family track BTW

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    can not offer first hand experience yet as I am in the same position as you. Just got accepted for Fall at USA. But I have been told be others first order of business get the APA 6th edition as writing papers is a way of life in the DNP program. Also check out the Specialty section for Advance practice nurses there is a thread tools for NPs that offers some advice about some software that maybe helpful for clinicals. Hope this helps some.
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    Thanks!! I'll check that thread
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    I would relax this summer. Spend time with the family, take a trip(s), read for pleasure, etc. I say just do what you want to do that you gain pleasure out of.

    Once school starts...a lot of that will end. You won't have time to read for pleasure because you have so much reading to do from various texts, journals, websites, etc. (it can easily add up to 1,000 pages per week depending on your course load), you have what seems like endless papers (seriously), discussion postings, critiques, case studies, projects, and of course the never ending group work. It can get very overwhelming very quickly!

    When on breaks, I don't do ANYTHING school related. I have fun and do things that I derive pleasure for. You've got to take care of yourself during those 1-2 week/month break during your courses. Taking care of yourself will help keep you from getting burned out quickly and sitting out a semester or only taking one class a semester and it will also help to keep you on track to graduate on time.

    Good luck! What program were you accepted to?
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    Thanks for the tip. Yes, I do need to relax, but that's not something I'm very good at
    I got accepted to UCF in Orlando (closest school to me).
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    Hi! I'm graduating with my BSN this winter and want to begin school at least by Jan of 2011. I am from Orlando and was looking at possible schools. Can you tell me what your stats and experience was for getting into the program? Such as previous rn experience and overall and nursing gpa. Thanks!!
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    To my knowledge, UCF is only accepting in the Fall right now b/c they're just getting their DNP program together. My class is the first one. So if you want to go there you'd probably have to wait until Fall 2011. They no longer offer a Master's program for the FNP, but you can get it along the way and stop school if you want to if you get it before 2015.
    As for stats, I don't really have anything spectacular. I've been a RN for 5 years, I have a AS Nursing and BS Biology, my cumulative GPA is I think 3.4, but nursing GPA is a 4.0; GRE was average.
    Hope that helps, if you have any other questions let me know!
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    Just got accepted to 2011 DNP at UCF, FNP track, anyone have any input or advice? Things they would have liked to have known before hand. How is the program? With regards to clinicals are you able yo do any in the hospital setting, fast track ED? I work at ORMC so I was hoping to be able to profit somewhat from the connections there with the NP/PA/MD/DO and precept with some. Are you allowed to do extra clinicals? Finally how were your core science courses?

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    First off, congrats. I'm only in my 2nd semester there so I can't give you much advice. The classes I've taken so far have been pretty easy. I'm not much of a theory person so those (in my mind) 'fluff' classes are annoying. I don't really like to write papers on stuff I'm not interested in. The science courses have been fine; self-directed study is the best for me. Clinicals for me won't start until January. I definately think you will be able to use your contacts for your clinicals. However, if they round at the hospital and you go with them UCF won't count that towards your clinical time. They say they are not gearing us towards working in a hospital so they discourage us from spending time there. So def no ED clinicals. That is the most negative thing about the program, I think. My nursing background is in the surgical arena and so naturally that's where I would like to get a job eventually but from what I understand I can't precept with a surgeon. That's really all I can tell you at this point! Good luck!

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