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Health Promotion Intervention Ideas

  1. 0 i am in advanced health promotion this semester. we are having to come up with a health promotion intervention project/program. i am thinking of doing something in relation to weight management, weight los, weight education, etc....

    the reason that i am choosing this topic is because my fnp thesis topic is "weight loss, qualitative – what makes people decide to lose weight?"

    thought i would use my time efficiently and do work that could be used twice!

    so............any ideas from anyone???
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    Here are some websites I came across:

    Some other ideas:

    1. Develop a website for weigth loss health promotion.

    2. Produce a pamphlet on weight loss.

    3. Write a story for your local newspaper.

    4. Develop a training program for your unit on how to be more sensitive to those trying to lose weight.
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    Here's the USDA Food Guide Pyramid page for professionals. I use it all the time (disease management), and encourage my clients to use the site as well. They love it. It has menu planners, a food label database, intake pattern asessment guide, etc.