Fall 2011 Graduate School ROLL CALL

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    I saw this done in a 2009 post. And wanted to start it for all the 2011/2012 accepted graduate students! So JOIN this thread for some fun!

    1. Name the school you will be attending
    2. Degree you will be working on (including specialty)
    3. Whether you will be working full time or part time or quit
    4. Will you be attending school part time or full time
    5. And........

    I will go FIRST

    1. Texas Woman's University
    2. MSN, FNP
    3. Working Full time
    4. Attending school part time
    5. I'm very excited, nervous and thrilled about going back to grad school!
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    Just found out yesterday...
    1. University of South Florida
    2. MSN, adult concentration
    3 Working part time in the ICU, three 12's
    4. School part time
    5. relieved that i got in and eager to begin this new chapter. Not sure how the next three years will pan out. i will be getting married in the next year or so, sooo now i am wondering how all of that will fit in!!
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    1. University of cincinnati -online
    2. MSN WHNP
    3. working part time -school full time starting this fall

    Excited and nervous to be back in school!!!
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    1. Florida State University
    2. DNP, FNP
    3. Will not be working
    4. Will attend school full time
    5. I'm anxious, excited and ready to get started. But I know once school starts I'll miss my free time.
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    1. University of South Alabama
    2. MSN- Family Psych NP
    3. Will not be working
    4. Will be attending full-time
    5. I'm very happy to be transferring into this program.
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    1. George Washington University
    2. MSN, FNP
    3. Working part-time
    4. School full-time
    5. Extremely excited to start school, but going to really enjoy all of this free time during the summer...Good luck to everyone!!
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    HOW EXTREMELY LUCKY to the ones who can attend school FULL TIME and not work! I envy YOU! CONGRATS!
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    Found out a few weeks ago...

    1. Texas Woman's University - Houston campus
    2. MSN, FNP
    3. Working part time
    4. School part time
    5. Nervous but excited

    Planning to graduate Spring of 2014...good luck to everyone!
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    University of South Alabama or poss UAB waiting on letters to b mailed
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    1. George Washington University
    2. MSN FNP
    3. Took a leave of absence from my full time job, may do some PRN though
    4. Full time school
    5. Worried that I have no recent hospital experience and how that will play into everything. Thankful because I had someone offer to set up all my clinicals for me. Hopefully when I need them in a year, they can come through for me!

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