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DPN/Nurse Practitioner vs. PA/Physician's Assistant - page 2

I've been getting conflicting information from advisors on the difference between being a DPN/Nurse Practitioner vs. being a PA. I've been told the only difference is PAs are trained in the medical... Read More

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    Wow, never thought I'd see my old thread from 2012 resurrected!

    I posted this before I even started nursing school. As I've gone through school and now work in the hospital, I have had the chance to see both NPs & PAs in action. I definitely want to be an acute care NP. I love what they do in our ICUs. In my state, NPs & PAs both have the same "authority" as far as writing prescriptions and being supervised by a physician.

    I'm applying to a few programs for a Fall 2017 start. I'm looking to become dual FNP/ACNP certified as I would need both to work in the ER. If I wanted to solely do ICU, I would only need the ACNP. I like the idea of having dual certification so I have a wider variety of options when the time comes.
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