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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    Also Hopeful, is it okay to submit the Marquette application before all letter of recommendations come in? I read that it's best to submit your application before submitting other "documents" such as your transcripts, but I wonder if letter of recommendations applies too. I'm surprised that their statement of purpose was stated as "optional."

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    How long is the statement of purpose is supposed to be for Marquette??
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    The application deadline for Marquette is Dec 31st, correct?
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    I think it should be 2 pages double spaced. And it's due sometime at in December. Karen Nest is a great person to email questions for
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    Hey guys - I don't think the statement of purpose was optional, I think that it just said that because you could just submit an essay in a different format somewhere else, from what I remember reading in the FAQ on the website. The deadline is December 31st, from what I remember. I don't think it matters if you submit the application and then have LORs still coming in. I submitted mine and still have them coming in, and I don't think there's been a problem.. I even get emails when they are submitted.

    Thanks for clearing up my confusion regarding JHU. I have transcripts being sent in everywhere this upcoming week, so I'm almost done with all of my applications except for Duke now (still writing essays)! Yay! Now comes the really fun part... waiting to hear back from the schools! NOT! Haha. Good luck to everyone else! Keep the updates coming!
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    Oh you're right! I just re-read that. And if your letters are still being accepted after you submitted your application then it sounds like I can submit it very soon! I'm pretty excited to get all of my applications in. Waiting will not be fun, but at least there will be a break from the stress. I've only submitted 1 out of 13 potentials Yea I'm applying to many schools. I really want to get started in 2013!
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    Hey guys,

    Yale just opened their application. The fee to submit is 100 dollars. anybody know if any other applications are just as expensive? I couldn't see Columbia's until I am actually ready to submit. I'm kind of shocked it's that high but maybe I shouldn't be.
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    I think the highest I've seen so far is OHSU... $120!! I see Yale takes the second spot for higest application fee. I just submitted my UCSF app which costed $80.
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    Anddd, this kinda sucks because I began my Hopkins and Yale application using their old websites which meant letter of recs couldn't be submitted electronically. Now I have to keep bothering my writers to change their submission methods =(
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    Geez, 120 is really steep. Columbia is 65 and Penn is 75. I know, Penn is only electronically so I will be doing the same thing with my recommendations. But luckily it's only 2 for Penn. Every other school I'm applying too is 3. I've heard you can get waivers for app fees but I feel like I've been working so much that it wouldn't get approved. Are you guys changing each personal statement or just tailoring it to fit guidelines for each school?

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