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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    I'm not sure... I'm going to look into it though! Will you if you're accepted?

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    I think so. I would definitely like to check out the campus, and meet with current students as well as the program director. Is Vanderbilt your first choice, or are you considering other schools?
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    I'm still waiting on Northeastern, Johns Hopkins, and Yale. It will be between Vanderbilt and whatever of those 3 I get into.
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    Northeastern emailed me today and left a message for an interview for the PMHNP program. Does anyone know, do they typically interview all candidates, candidates their interested in or those they have questions for?

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    Quote from Dstewart1017
    Where did u apply?
    I applied to Northeastern, Vanderbilt, BC, UIC, and Yale so far. Well technically I heard from Yale but that was a rejection so I'm not counting that. ;P
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    Hi!! I finally heard from BC and got in! Is anyone planning to go there?? That was my #1 choice, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to go there. I got into the adult program. Let me know if you're thinking about going there! and congrats to everyone who's been hearing from schools!
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    Quote from hi616

    I applied to Northeastern, Vanderbilt, BC, UIC, and Yale so far. Well technically I heard from Yale but that was a rejection so I'm not counting that. ;P
    I wish I had of applied to Yale...not that I would have got in haha I applied to mgh and was wait listed that's the only news I've heard...waiting on simmons, NEU,and Regis now...I couldn't make the deadline for BC
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    Anyone know anything about Johns Hopkins decisions??
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    no, still waiting to hear back from JH. i received an e-mail about a week ago saying they needed an updated transcript in order to make a decision. hopefully we'll hear back soon!
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    Quote from bbcc
    hi616 -

    When I did my Vanderbilt campus tour, they told me that they require their students to have cars, because clinicals can be up to 2 hours (3 hours for NMW) away and are not always accesible by public transportation. I think that's only during the specialty year and the pre-specialty clinicals are closer, but I'm not sure about that - but it's something to keep in mind for planning for Vandy! I haven't seen any "official" notice about that, and I've even looked through the handbooks they have posted on their website, but I do know she said it was a requirement.
    I actually will be doing my specialty year as a distance student if I'm accepted so I wouldn't necessarily need to worry about a car for that. Regardless, I will probably plan on having a car the pre-specialty year for convenience even if I can get around using public transportation or with fellow classmates. Thanks for the info though

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