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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    I would have picked BC over MGH anyway so I'm fine with only getting into BC.

    My rationale on U of Rochester could be a little biased since they waitlisted me, but after the phone interview I had in the fall I would have been a little hesitant on accepting admission anyway. I didn't like how you had to interview twice, one with the bachelor's program and once with the master's. That was the only program that did it this way (that I applied to at least) and I found it to be a little odd that they would do it this way. I also didn't like that it was a 3 year program. If other programs can fit pre-licensure and the entire master's portion into 5 semesters, why wouldn't they have an accelerated way to do years 2-3 quicker? I'm not saying it's a bad program by any means, I just have found better programs that I think I would be happier pursuing instead. Hope that makes sense.

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    hi616 -

    When I did my Vanderbilt campus tour, they told me that they require their students to have cars, because clinicals can be up to 2 hours (3 hours for NMW) away and are not always accesible by public transportation. I think that's only during the specialty year and the pre-specialty clinicals are closer, but I'm not sure about that - but it's something to keep in mind for planning for Vandy! I haven't seen any "official" notice about that, and I've even looked through the handbooks they have posted on their website, but I do know she said it was a requirement.
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    @keats 717

    Did you call Vandy's admission office or someone in the specialty you applied for office for an answer on your acceptance?
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    Keats & hi616- I will reply to your PMs soon!

    I applied to the pre-specialty PMHNP program. Since I never received the financial aid packet, I emailed S.C. asking if she had the correct address and if they sent out a letter for my admission decision. They told me my application was still under faculty review. I applied before the December 1st deadline, and I also received the email that everyone got about their application still being under faculty review. Hopefully the committee meets soon!
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    I applied to the pre-specialy Acute care track at Vanderbilt. I called this morning and was told letters were in the mail... but that I GOT IN!!!
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    Yeah I suggest calling the admissions department and asking point blank - that's what worked for me!

    Good luck!
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    I literally can't even handle the suspense of knowing if I got in somewhere or not yet!!!!!! So jealous of everyone hearing back!
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    I know I'm in such suspense too because I haven't heard from anywhere yet!
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    Quote from hi616
    I know I'm in such suspense too because I haven't heard from anywhere yet!
    Where did u apply?
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    Congrats, tadams22! I also applied to Vanderbilt's pre-specialty acute care track. I have been trying my best to wait for my letter to arrive tomorrow, but with everyone else finding out....I really want to call haha. Are you planning on going to the open house?

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