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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    It's exciting that we're all getting answers now! Everyone will have to keep us posted on where they got in and where they ultimately go. This thread has been like a little family. Good luck, it's not over yet!
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    Hello all! I am a little late joining this thread, but I wanted to thank you guys for your posts! They've been helpful, and if I could return the favor by sharing my experiences , I'd be more than happy to do so.

    I applied to midwifery programs at six schools. I have been accepted to Columbia and The Ohio State, and I have interviewed with Yale (in person) and Vandy (phone). Haven't heard back from the rest yet (Seattle & Marquette). Yale and Vanderbilt both informed that admissions decisions would occur the beginning of March. Without knowing for sure about those programs, I'm planning on Columbia, but I'm hoping to make a decision between Yale, Columbia, and Vandy.

    Does anyone have any more information or pros/cons about the program at Columbia (Or Yale & Vandy)? A friend of mine is enrolled at the medical school and she LOVES it. I love living in a big city (Chicago), but NY seems... Overwhelming... and pricey.
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    Welcome and congrats on all your interviews and acceptances! Don't have any info for you really-just wanted to say hi!
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    Quote from bfjeldheim
    Does anyone have any more information or pros/cons about the program at Columbia (Or Yale & Vandy)? A friend of mine is enrolled at the medical school and she LOVES it. I love living in a big city (Chicago), but NY seems... Overwhelming... and pricey.
    There are a lot of threads on here that talk about yale vs columbia but most of the information is old. I have heard mixed things about Columbia and Yale and every school really! I think it's nice that you get a BSN at Columbia so it's easier to find a job while doing the master's. I know Columbia is more flexible about you taking breaks or switching specialities. I think it also depends on what you specialize in and where you want to work. I want to do more acute pediatrics and so I decided not to apply to Yale because their peds program is primary care while Columbia offers a pediatric oncology specialization. If you want to work in NY Columbia does give you a lot of good connections. They also approach the teaching differently (Columbia emphasizes a lot of global and public health aspects). It also depends on what's most important to you. Columbia's program is big (although they promise clinicals will never have more than 8 students and they break up the classes into sections) so if you want small Yale is more like it.

    I hope that helps! Talking about these things is my favorite. Haha. I think also talking to current and past students is really helpful too!
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    I just got an email from penn saying decisions would be up February 12th for the bsn? It's strange because I haven't heard from them since November and I never interviewed. I think my decision is already made, so I'm not sure what that is. Thought it might be of value if anyone is waiting for an email.
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    Can anyone in the MGH pediatrics direct entry msn program tell me about their experience there??? Thanks!!
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    Thank you, the healer's art. This was helpful! I am going to try to find some current students to connect with.
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    Hey all

    I called BC today and they said they had already started releasing acceptance letters to their program. Has anyone heard from them yet? They said they were going to stagger their acceptance letters throughout the next couple of weeks, but I am dying to know if they are sending out acceptances first and then rejections or if it really is staggered.

    I have been accepted into Columbia and MGH so far for Women's Health, but I am concerned about Columbia's removal of the women's health program. Any one have thoughts on that and which school they think is better? I know US News and World Report ranks Columbia like 5th in the country for Adult care, but I'm not sure I understand their rankings exactly. Can anyone speak to this at all?

    Good luck to all those waiting to hear! Hope the news is good!
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    Thanks for the update on BC. I called last week and they said we'd know at the end of the month, so I wasn't expecting that admissions decisions would be starting to go out now (even though last year's applicants heard around this time.) I really wish I knew if they staggered acceptances and rejections and what not too. I guess we'll know soon! Congrats on getting in to Columbia and MGH!

    P.S. Is there a specific thread for BC around here? I've searched many times, but haven't found one for this years application cycle.
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    I can't seem to find a specific thread for BC 2013 on here either, which kinda surprised me... anyone else have anything to contribute about the admissions decisions?
    Good luck hi616! Did you get in anywhere yet?

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