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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    Does anyone know of any late applications, in addition to NYU, that I could apply to around March for a fall start? I am considering my back up plans. Although I really hope I won't have to use them!

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    Hey hopeful,

    I noticed you said we hear from JHU in February...I just had my interview with them on Friday and they said they're pushing it to let everyone know March 1st. I was under the impression we would know in February also. Maybe they're getting a lot of applicants?

    But I also am a little concerned with the timeline but hopefully everything will work out for the best!

    Best of luckk
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    Quote from hollysf
    Does anyone know of any late applications, in addition to NYU, that I could apply to around March for a fall start? I am considering my back up plans. Although I really hope I won't have to use them!
    University of Cincinnati's program is kinda weird but you can apply until July for a fall start. I know Georgetown and UMass Boston's absn programs have a February 1st deadline. I would totally do that but I'd feel bad asking my recommenders for more recommendations. But I would be interested in finding more though. I'm getting nervous.
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    Thomas Jefferson University, Case Western, University of Rochester, and U of Illinois @ Chicago all have applications that open in Jan. Actually TJU and Case are open now. Case is rolling and I am pretty sure so is TJ. Also UMass Worchester is another accelerated BSN/MSN that is due Jan. 15th I am 90% applying to those 4 because I feel like I need more schools and backup plans!

    The cost of these programs is absurb so if I get into Penn or Columbia (2 of the most expensive schools I applied to) and they don't offer me a significant financial aid package, I will most likely put a deposit down one of them if I haven't heard anything back from another school, but if I got accepted to a cheaper program I would be obligated to go to that program. Debt is a huge concern of mine and as much as I would love to be an NP and say I went to an Ivy League school is not cost effective for me to be 200k + in debt when starting salary is around 75K.
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    I think you hit most of the schools with a later deadline! Northeastern also isn't due until January 15th. It's important to remember that Thomas Jefferson has very few specialties available, though.

    More on the topic of financial aid... I can't speak for most of the programs, but for Penn I know tuition is around $98,000 but they do offer financial aid in the form of grants and some scholarships, beyond the loans that they will offer in financial aid packages. I also learned the other day that the Perkins loan can be partially forgiven if you work in nursing, so there's another grant a lot of people don't think of! Duke also has a loan repayment option for graduating from their program and working in Duke Hospital - they pay back $49,500 of your tuition. If you ask me, that's a pretty good deal! And HRSA also has a loan forgiveness option (different from the HRSA scholarship) that seems to be available at quite a few hospitals (not just "critical shortage facilities").
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    hollysf - UIC's program has a March 1st deadline but it begins in January 2014, not Fall 2013, if that makes a difference for you! It being a state school, even the out of state tuition is much less than the private schools. (Making note that I've read last year's UIC thread and seen the comments about the extra years meaning more tuition, etc - but my understanding is once you're going to school, you can qualify for in-state tuition, so it cuts the cost way down - I might be wrong though!)
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    University of Southern Alabama has a program that has a deadline for April 1st (but they say they accept late applications) to start at the end of July. That seems like it's cutting it close but it's another option.

    USA College of Nursing - Accelerated BSN/MSN
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    I have a friend who will be attending USA next month, and she has had friends go through the program who have loved it. And she LOVES the town already!
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    I am in the stage of taking most of the pre-requisites for a couple of direct entry MSN programs I am interested in for becoming an FNP. I am looking into Vanderbilt, Boston College and Columbia (my top 3) and have been doing research on a couple of other schools right now as backup options. I got my bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from a university in california awhile ago and have been trying to enroll in Anat & Physio and Micro at local community colleges but all of these classes fill up first and since I have not taken any classes at the community colleges my registration date is too late to even make the waitlist for these classes! I don't want to go spending money on classes I don't need to get a better registration date.

    I am toying with the idea of taking Anat & Physio online during Spring 2013 but I know there are some schools that will accept it and some that won't. Out of my top 3 choices I know that Vanderbilt and Columbia accept online classes but does anyone know if Boston College does?

    I am just slightly bummed that I've been trying to get into these classes at local colleges and haven't had any luck which then pushes back me applying to schools and limits my school choices.

    Anyone know other schools that accept online science classes that include labs but aren't considered wet labs that are accelerated MSN programs for FNP specialty?
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    For those applying to OHSU, the admissions counselor states decisions for interviews will be sent out in mid-January. She didn't say if its via email/snail mail. Their website says interviews for direct entry midwifery programs are on Jan 24, 25, 31 and Feb 1st.

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