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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    Good luck with your interview!

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    I am new to this forum, but I have been reading all of your posts for the last week and realized that I would benefit from asking a few questions.

    I'll just go one question at a time. My most pressing question is how I stand currently. I've submitted most of my applications so far and I KNOW that it depends on the applicant pool which can vary from year to year, but since I don't know ANYONE else applying to programs like me, it's been hard to determine if I've applied to schools way out of my league or maybe haven't challenged myself enough. Here are my stats - I know you all aren't professionals on this, but you seem to have done enough research that I am confident any and all advice would be helpful!

    GPA: 3.40 (currently finishing my undergrad in Bioethics)
    GRE: 158 in both Verbal and Math
    Full-time summer internship in Endoscopy at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
    Currently volunteering at hospice inpatient unit
    Spent this past summer and this semester loading on extra classes to finish prerequisites - all As except 1 B+ in HA&PI

    I really appreciate any of your thoughts about this or what you think I can do in the meantime to improve my application in the event that I am not accepted somewhere.

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    I think the most important question is, where are you applying to? I think that your stats are fine! It's hard to determine though, because some schools are looking for a lot of volunteer work and/or clinical experience whereas some other schools seem to be pretty stats oriented (Boston College comes to mind for some reason, they seem to really place a big emphasis on the GRE and have a higher than normal GRE average). What stands out on your application? Did you have a good story for your personal statement?
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    I think I had a decent story for my personal statements. I am a little bit worried about my clinical experience I suppose, but I have shown efforts to increase this background while I can.
    Very diverse - #1s like Penn and JHU and #50s like GW and Jefferson.
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    I think that your stats are good. Most of these schools are looking at applications holistically as well, especially Penn! They told us in the online chat that they look at everything overall. I think your internship is pretty cool and will help you stand out as well. What specialty are you interested in? Have you interviewed anywhere yet or heard about interviews?
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    I want to be a Neonatal NP. I have a phone interview on Thursday (just found out late last night!). Thanks for your input hopeful!
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    samiam, was your phone interview for Penn, and was it for their BSN program or the BSN-MSN program? How did it go? I interviewed there Friday and it went really well! I loved the program.

    Is anyone else beginning to become concerned with the timeline of admission decisions going out? Some schools will let us know in February, but other schools may not let us know til April.. I'm kind of concerned that if I do get into multiple schools (which may be a long shot, but who knows), I may have to turn them down because I can't afford to put down multiple deposits, which also scares me because who knows if I'll get in anywhere else? This is worrying me because I know Duke is alerting us very late this year (it's sounding like it'll be April), but we will hear from JHU, Penn and Marquette around February or so... but the cost of those programs is quite frightening, so saying yes to them and possibly being in the position where I may not be able to go to Duke (if accepted) is a concern because it's so much more inexpensive (especially with their loan repayment option). But I don't want to turn down any offers either because nothing is guaranteed! I know that I should just cross that bridge when it comes, but I'm so worried about the possibility of that happening and I don't know what I'll do! Any thoughts?!
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    I'm also worried about notifications and when deposits are due. The cost of these programs is really important. I wish I could hear from all of them (and about finances) before I had to put down a deposit. I wish I could afford to put down multiple deposits but that's impossible.

    It would be really heartbreaking to get into a good school and then turn them down in the hopes that you'll get into a cheaper school but not get into that cheaper school! Or to accept a school's offer and then not get to go to a cheaper one that accepts you because you've already put down deposit money at the more expensive school. Sorry that sounds complicated but I think you know what I mean.

    Hearing from Duke in April is SOOOOO late. I wonder why they changed it from previous years? I know in previous years they let students know around the same time as other schools.
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    That's a hard one hopeful. What's your ranking of all the schools you've applied to? If it were me I would choose two definite schools one that's a little cheaper and the cheapest. I would save to put down two deposits ( still pricey but not as pricey as 4 or 5 schools) then if I do get in to the cheapest of the two, just withdraw all together. Yeah it would suck to lose the money but what's worse... having the chance to decide between two schools or letting the more affordable school slip by when you know you might have been able to go. These are just thoughts and me babbling. Are you set on price as the deciding factor? what about program location? I'm also going off of housing. Considering I live on the west coast, not having on campus housing available as an option is a factor for me ( yes, it's more expensive but it's safer and makes sense to me). Just some things to think about.
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    This is how I think of it- what is a couple of thousand bucks (max $2000- really pushing it) in the long run when you will be making more than enough in the future? You will thank yourself (or your parents/whoever is supporting you financially) for securing a spot at a school and becoming the nurse that you worked your butt off for! Hopeful- I agree, I would cross the bridge if I see it. Personally, I have spent more neurons, time/effort into getting good grades, applying to schools, working on making my essays and what not that is incomparable to the deposit money. But that's how I think to make myself not worry about the finances ....yet.

    It would certainly not be ideal if this were the case for me- if I put down the deposit for a more expensive school and about to begin my journey at that school only to find out a cheaper school accepted me and there's nothing really I can do about it now.
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