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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

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    Btw, I want to thank everyone for being so helpful and supportive with this thread! I've heard of the SDN (student-doctor network??) website that premed students use... and apparently the students/applicants are pretty feisty and aggressive with one another. The whole nursing application is so grueling and talking to others who are going through the same process is so comforting.

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    You're so welcome! Kdiem- the ucsf recommendation looks awesome! I am sure it will be very beneficial. I just can't wait for the day I get into my top choice and shower my recommenders with sugar, spice and everything nice! Haha

    And THANK YOU EVERYONE from me too!
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    I want to thank everyone for being so supportive as well. I'd be honored to work in the same profession as you guys, and I really hope we all hear exciting news from our top choices. You're all passionate, empathetic, and hard-working, and you would all be excellent additions to any of these schools and the nursing field as well. It's November, which means we will be hearing soon from Penn regarding interviews, and in a month or so from Duke about interviews! I'm nervous but excited! It's been a crazy ride, and very stressful, but I know it's all going to pay off in a wonderful way.

    And rainkissed, thank you so much for the awesome insight on UCSF's program! I'm starting to wish that I had applied there, but my GRE isn't competitive so I'm thinking I may not have had the complete package they were looking for, so it's okay. It sounds like such an excellent program though!
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    Has anyone looked in to University of Florida? Their deadline is Dec 15th ( which changed from a spring deadline last year). They had been on my list but their housing turned me off from it. Seems silly but I'm from CA so it does mean a lot to me. Anyway, their program looks good it starts as an accelerated program and then you can apply to the MSN. I'm thinking of adding it on to have a total of 5 this fall and 2 in the spring. Thoughts???
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    I currently attend the University of Florida, and am very involved in pre health and health science activities and know many people in it so I can tell you a LOT about their program, morganw... here's a few things I can share with you right off the bat. It is VERY numbers based, as in if you don't have a 153 and 144 minimum GRE they will literally throw your application away. I think it is a requirement for any health program at UF, and it makes it very easy for them to disqualify otherwise qualified candidates. When I was originally pre-PA, the PA school came and spoke to one of my clubs and they told us they won't even look at your application if you don't have the minimum GRE score and that it was a University of Florida rule due to the emphasis placed on it being a research school (not sure if this is necessarily true for the entire university and all of their graduate, but maybe just for the "health science" programs, as they all fall under one big umbrella and are all in literally one big building... PA, nursing, medicine, OT, PT, speech). I also know this is true because I've had quite a few friends who either missed the minimum score or had just the minimum, with otherwise great stats and they were denied admission and this was the reason cited when they asked admissions for advice on improving their application.

    Also, they only take like 25 people for their ABSN, because the ABSN students are mixed in with the regular BSN students so they don't have a lot of room for them. It isn't a separate ABSN program like what Duke offers, you're mixed in with regular BSN students. And then finally, it really depends on your masters specialty... a lot of them are only online classes (not all, but a lot of specialty classes are from what I understand), and I think they make you take time off for any acute care specialty. I know this is true for neonatal, but I can't remember your specialty (was it adult acute care?).

    I love my university and it has afforded me many excellent experiences, but these things ultimately made it a poor fit for me, and made me a little uneasy so I chose not to apply. PM me if you have any further questions or want me to go into more detail...
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    Thank you soo much for that. I didn't know you attended there although I'm sure you probably mentioned it earlier in the thread. I don't think I am going to apply. I would be wasting my time and money. I would definitely not want to do online classes. I'm adult acute care so yeah I would probably take time off like you said. It's for sure a poor fit for me. Thanks again!
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    and BTW 25 people is SLIM
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    Yeah, I would have loved to continue going to school here because I adore Gainesville, and Shands is an awesome hospital with a lot to offer... but the nursing program just wasn't a good fit for me. I'm also thinking going out of state for a change will be nice, so I'm really glad that is the direction it seems I'm being pulled in.
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    same here. I didn't want to be stuck in CA. It's not terrible by any means but the only good school with NP programs is UCSF. I did a visit there and just wasn't feeling SF. I also wanted to get away from the CSU system which made SF state out of the picture and other schools.
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    Met with an admissions person from BC today and left feeling like I have no chance of getting in. Avg gre was V:167 Q:157 5 on writing avg GPA 3.5 30-40 applicants admitted out of 300-400 that apply. They claim to look at your application holistically. The program is so short 21 months and is very clinically based. 1100 hrs of clinicals in the RN portion followed by 500-700 depending on MSN speciality in some of the best hospitals in the world. They do not grant a bsn and academic medical centers in Boston will not hire you without a bsn, so you would only be able to work at an ltac or group home kind of place. The total cost is 75,000 which is realitively inexpensive compared to the others ... Nice clin sim lab, and you are in the hospital 5 weeks into the program I also met with someone at MGH but very briefly .. small, didn't get a tour, they have approx a 33% acceptance rate didn't tell me avg gre/gpa.. look at you hollistically, affiliated with all the hospitals in Boston , if your having issues uploading transcripts you can email them your transcripts ( I was having trouble) Both of them place you for your clinicals and you are not responsible picking a clincial site , one of them said that northeastern you have to find your own clinical placements just an FYI if anyone is applying there or if that is def true

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