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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    Oh and I forgot to add, though I didn't make the suggested GRE scores for Vanderbilt, I gave it my shot anyway. If they turn me down just because of my GRE scores... then that's gonna suck!

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    hey kdiem! ( I haven't been keeping up with this thread lately)

    Uggghhh that's kind of disheartening, what do you think I should do? my math is not that great either. I know it's only a 50 dollar application but still. I did awesome in their prerequisites so I feel like I should just go for it. Yeah it's rolling starts on Dec 1st and they continue on until every spot is filled.
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    Oh that's what you meant by rolling! Phew, I thought you meant any applications now until the deadline would be rolling. I guess that's the case for Emory too since they have a priority deadline of December 1st, then the other applications submitted after this would be considered on a space-available basis. I'm really hoping my TEAs test won't affect my "priority-admissions" chances. I feel like you should just go for it. I mean, you only get so many opportunities per year to apply! And Vanderbilt is a great nursing school. Definitely would be a culture change/shock moving there from the San Francisco-Bay Area... but I'd do it if I had to!
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    hey kdiem,

    I applied to Emory, and I have been e-mailing with Carmen( one of the admissions ladies) and she told me that you would have to take the TEAS before classes started. So I am not taking them unless I get accepted. Her email is she has been super helpful and she responds pretty fast too!
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    hah. Yeah that's what their website stated on a space available basis after the priority deadline. Good luck with Emory! maybe I will apply there next time around. You're right! I'm just gonna go for it because I have nothing to lose honestly. How was the TEAs? They require that for CSU Fullerton's nursing program ( my undergrad). I specifically did not want to apply there because of that test.
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    I can't believe they require the TEAS and the GRE at Emory. That's a lot of hoops to jump through! I would have loved to apply to their program, but I only have chemistry 1, and not chemistry 2 so I wouldn't have met the prerequisites. Also, we are not allowed to take classes in the spring with the internship that we are required to complete, so taking that and/or ethics probably wouldn't work out for me

    I was considering applying to Vanderbilt, but I decided to save the money since they didn't have my exact specialty and my GRE scores weren't so hot. I would've loved to go there though... Nashville would've been awesome and so much fun!

    So it's official... my applications are complete at 4/5 schools. Transcripts received and all! I'm so excited, but so nervous. I just wish we heard back sooner rather than later! I'm kind of wishing I did early decision at JHU now, just because I read in an old thread that they sometimes give a lot of the spots in their class away to early decision applicants... but that's neither here nor there now. I just have to have faith that God will lead me in the right direction! He already knows where I'll be accepted and where I'll attend school, anyways

    I'm very grateful to have started this thread and have such an excellent response! You guys are all incredible, competitive applicants and I'd be honored to call any of you my fellow classmates, and work in the same profession as you!
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    Hey everyone,

    For some reason AllNurses stopped sending me email notifications and so I was just going about my days thinking that no one was posting! Ah, I missed so much!

    Anyways, I have pretty much had the WORST application luck over the last two weeks. One of my recommenders, a midwife I interned for, taught for, and completed research for completely ruined some of my applications. I know that is awful to say about someone who you spent so much time with, and who taught you so much, but she has been pretty unorganized and unsupportive throughout this whole process. For starters, she never wrote my letter for UPenn. I had a back up recommender, thank goodness, but my application definitely wont be as strong. I spoke to Filomena about it and she let me have her email it after the application due date, but that is not how I want to start the application review process. Secondly, I emailed her about upload my Yale recommendation and she told me she mailed it. I was confused by this since I never gave her a posted envelope to mail anything to Yale. Well, it turns out that she did mail my Yale letter....TO BOSTON COLLEGE. This means that my Boston College letter was never sent, and with the awful weather on the east coast (she lives in Maui), it wont arrive on time. I mean, really? REALLY. So I have been frantically trying to get in touch with her to upload a new Yale letter, the correct way, and she had completely stopped responding to my emails. It is so heart breaking. I have spent so much time on my applications and it sucks to know that one person could mess them up for you.

    All of this, in combination with the hurricane on the East Coast which will be delaying mail and application review, is really throwing me off. I am trying to be optimistic, but I am slowly coming to the conclusion that this round of applications might not not be the last I will be participating in. As a back up plan, I have decided to apply to teach in South Korea for a year. At least I will have an exciting alternative if this whole follow-your-dreams thing doesn't work out, haha.
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    hollysf, I am so sorry to hear that. That is just terrible. I have heard many horror stories regarding LORs, so don't worry, you are not alone and I'm sure that this is something that admissions committees are used to dealing with and have a protocol for. I've heard stories about bad LORs, terrible grammar and spelling in LORs, LORs never getting to places, and more. So don't stress! They've been dealing with this a long time, and they know that it is completely out of our control. You did everything you possibly could have done! Your application will still be strong, I'm sure! I like your back up plan though hopefully you won't need to use it!
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    Holly, I completely understand! I also had a nurse-midwife write my letter of recommendation and I had the most difficult time reaching her and having her complete everything on time... she literally sent my Columbia letter of recommendation on the exact due date (I was biting my nails). And when I sent reminders... she would get very upset and almost lecture me about it (She would take 1-2 weeks to reply). We also had some trouble with the UCSF letter (she said she sent it in but Steven Johnson said he never received it) but luckily she works there and was able to walk it over one day. I was stressing out so much worried that she hated me and would end up writing the letter in a way to spite me... but fortunately she ended up following up with me until all of my letters were submitted. Were you able to complete the Boston College letter? I know they have the special recommendation cover form. I sent mine last week and finally they have received everything from me. The weather on the east coast is definitely going to cause delays. What a bummer! Btw, I think teaching in South Korea for a year would be so awesome! I know of a MEPN student that went to Japan for 2 years to teach too. I would love to do something like that

    Yeah, I probably wouldn't have signed up to take the TEAs since Emory is the only school that is requiring it on my list. But my boyfriend and I are trying to maximize the schools we can go to together (he's applying there for med school) and plus Emory has a great nurse-midifery program.. so I wanted to give myself a higher chance of getting in. I hear the TEAs is easier than the GREs. That's what I'm crossing my fingers for! So I'm just gonna suck it up and do it.

    Hopeful, that is sooo exciting that you're almost done! What's the last school you're applying to? I hope to submit 2 by the end of the week. Then only 2 left (YAYYY!)
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    Thanks, kdiem! I only have Northeastern left! I'm getting very excited... almost in the home stretch! Now if only my terrible semester could come to an end... yikes! I've never had so much work, not even when I was taking chemistry, bio 2, genetics, and epidemiology all at once!

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