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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    Hey all! I was wondering what everybody's academic stats are? (To you know, size up the competition!) I really (really) want to go to Oregon Health and Sciences for their midwifery program. My GPA from my undergrad schools was good: 3.8 at my first college- transferred to UT, Austin, graduated with a 3.3; and am now taking my pre-reqs at UVM, 3.7 so far. My verbal GRE score was pretty decent (top 80%) but my quantitative was not so stellar... I'm retaking it next month and expect to do much, much better. I have excellent recommendations from my professors too. So! Do tell, what are y'all's stats?!

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    I'm not applying to OHSU and I'm not applying for midwifery but my "stats" are 3.3 min for preqs since they do vary between programs. I'm taking the GRE next month. Played a collegiate sport, volunteered for 300+ hours at a non profit hospital on several floors including ICU and ER. I believe I will have pretty decent recs, one clinical, one academic, and one work related. That's it for me.
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    Hello! I am unsure what my GPA is, because I've been to a few different schools (two community colleges and one university). However, at my current institution, where I'll be receiving my bachelor's degree, I have a 3.86. When I calculated all of my grades together, it was a 3.7, I think. My verbal score on the GRE was good, but my quantitative was not (so, same as you)! However, I'm really focusing on only applying to schools that are GRE optional - Duke, Northeastern, Marquette, NYU, Johns Hopkins. I'm applying to UPenn, also, but they are very holistic so I figured, why not? Duke is my first choice, followed by Johns Hopkins, then Marquette and UPenn are tied. NYU is expensive and I know UPenn is a long shot (and very expensive), so I'm not getting my hopes up for those two schools!

    Volunteer work includes shadowing a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner, several hours of volunteering at a well known hospital (well over 100 hours, maybe even 200, I haven't checked in awhile), and lots of significant volunteer work in my hopeful specialty, pediatric acute/critical care. I actually used some of my experiences for my application essays. I also was involved with a free health care clinic ran by my school, and helped with the management of the program. The position also included patient care. I volunteer with a physical education program for a school for children with disabilities, and hold a leadership position with the organization, and I also hold a leadership position in my major's honor society, which does lots of service work throughout our school and community. Finally, I will be doing a full time internship in the PICU in the spring (full time internships are required in order for students from my major to graduate).

    I would hope my recommendations are strong - but I can't be certain since I won't be reading them! Here's hoping, though! We shall see when acceptance letters come around
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    Is anyone applying to the JHU paid clinical residency program? I am tempted to but from the website it sounds like you can't choose your specialization and they just kind of tell you where there is a need...which is kind of scary.
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    Healer's Art,

    I looked in to JHU's program and I looked at the FAQ's, one of the questions was " can I choose a specialty" or something along those lines and it basically says no and that you will just be a clinical nurse leader type deal. You won't come out as a Nurse Practioner if that's something you're interested. I think it's also more for people looking to focus more on bedside care. Hope that helps somwhat. I'm not sure about them choosing for you though.
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    I think that the regular BSN-MSN program at JHU will allow you to work part time while completing your masters, if you are interested in that.

    How are everyone's applications coming along?
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    Hey hopeful,

    I missed the chat last week. I chose penn last min and was wondering if taking the GRE in October is too late. I know I will be able to put down my verbal and analytical unofficial on the application. Ive heard that that's acceptable but i'm not sure. I'm still gonna apply because technically i will have taken it before the deadline.

    any thoughts?
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    There's another chat coming up soon. I think that they said October is okay, but I can't remember... I'd call them tomorrow morning.
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    Yeah I'll definitely call them to make sure. Because at Columbia, all of your materials must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered. I'm not sure if Penn has strict deadlines like that too. So be sure, so you don't end up wasting money on that application fee!
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    I just read here (Application Requirements) under standardized testing that it is okay.

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