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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

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    My transcripts were received today at Penn and Columbia. I used FedEx, it was pricey but it got there in three days without hesitation. So, I think that paying a little extra to get it there worry free was worth it. I am almost done with my essays for both schools so I will be able to submit them probably after this weekend. After that, I have Yale to do which is a whole different essay. I can't wait to finish either.
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    Hey Morgan and Hopeful,

    I have 5 more applications to work on for the rest of this year. (UIC once January hits). I'm definitely flooded with personal statements, sending transcripts and GRE scores BUT my goal is to finish everything by the end of the month. It's so exciting to hear everyone finishing up this grueling and yes expensive application process!

    As for JHU... I've heard mixed things. An adviser from JHU told me it is not rolling admissions, but my friend who is currently in the program (accepted last year), says they do offer interviews sooner depending on when you submit the application. So I'm not too sure what that means... However she did submit her application closer to the deadline and was offered an interview beginning of December. I am really interested in the JHU program so I hope I can submit that very very soon!

    Good luck everyone!!
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    I would love to hear from current students in these direct entry programs or former students. I just want to learn more details about what the program is like beyond what the admissions advisors tell us. I am very excited to have all my applications done soon!
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    Do you think it would be wise to start threads for each individual program (Columbia, Yale, JHU...)? I was hoping to get some feed back from current students as well, but I worry that with one master thread we are less likely to get that.I'd be happy to start some and post links if you guys think it would be helpful? It might result in more responses too.
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    Some of them are already started:


    (I guess other only let you post one link per comment...)
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    Hi everyone! I just submitted my application for a DE MSN school (Georgia Health Sciences University). Crossing my fingers I'm accepted as it's the only program I plan to apply to this round. Good luck everyone!
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    If people are interested in hearing about MEPN at UCSF, feel free to PM me...
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    Okay, I'm starting to panic now. I wish it didn't take so long to hear back from places! This is so scary! I guess it's scary because I have no idea where I'll be living at this time next year, and I just want to know if I'm going to get in somewhere already!

    PS - 4/6 applications are now submitted!
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    I know! I want to know now! If this nursing thing doesn't work out maybe I would get a job as an admissions officer. I wonder why it takes them so long. I would love to know more about the decision process
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    submitted my penn application this evening. hoping to submit columbia on monday. good luck everyone

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