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Hi everyone! I'm currently on my journey to applying to CSUFullerton's ELMSN program for 2012. Has anyone taken the TEAS yet? Have you already attended their info session? I was taking prereqs for a good year or so after I... Read More

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    Congrats everyone! I haven't heard anything either...I am assuming as well that means I didn't get in. They did say they were going to send an e-mail either way right?

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    I got accepted! Already sent my acceptance e-mail! Congrats to everyone else who got accepted.
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    Don't lose hope yet guys! I'm pretty sure there are some people who will decline (in my interview group, there were at least 2 who were already accepted into other programs already), so that'll open up some spots for sure. And I do remember them saying that everyone will get an email, so keep your head up!
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    Well...I still have not received anything one way or the other! Have you or anyone else? In looking back over last years comments, e-mails letting interviewees know if they were on the alternate list went out the day after the acceptance e-mails went out. It would be nice if they all went out together. This is feeling like cruel and unusual punishment !!
    ANY news would be appreciated.
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    I haven't received anything either! I am glad I am not the only one feeling anxious about that! lol I called to make sure we were still supposed to receive an email either way and the girl on the phone told me yes. I just want to know where I stand....I don't know what the hold up is?
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    Wheww... I am glad I am not the only one! This is my theory on why it is taking so long: The powers that be wanted to grab their top picks ASAP so as not to lose them to another school. They could have informed just a few or all of the 20-30 (? ) accepted applicants. They are now waiting to see who accepts and who doesn't so they can keep going down the list. Why inform those who made the alternate list until they know who will actually be on it? Those are my thoughts at least on why the delay. And I could also be totally wrong.....I hope by Tuesday the 24th we will know one way or the other because that is the date the 22nd interviewee's were told the e-mails would go out.
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    So I just got an e-mail telling me that I am on the alternate list for admission! I am glad that I at least made that list. The e-mail also says that we may be admitted all the way up to the start of classes on August 27th, 2012 !!

    Did anyone else get an e-mail?
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    I received that same e-mail! I am glad I got an answer but its still kind of a waiting game! I wonder how often alternates get bumped into the program?
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    They told us that last year 10 from the wait list went on to be accepted into the program. Anyone know how many have been accepted? 20,25,30 ??? That would be nice to know. Then we would be able to better gauge our chances of getting in.
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    Oh really? That makes me feel a little better! I don't know how many they took this year. Keep me posted and let me know if you end up getting in!

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