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Hi everyone! I'm currently on my journey to applying to CSUFullerton's ELMSN program for 2012. Has anyone taken the TEAS yet? Have you already attended their info session? I was taking prereqs... Read More

  1. by   applered
    Hi guys,

    When you graduate from this program, CSUF EL-MSN, do you end up as a generalist MSN or is there a specialty to it? Or is this a Clinical nurse leader program?

    thank you.
  2. by   GirlwithaBSNRN
    For those of you that applied to EL-MSN programs, did you also apply to ABSN programs? What specialties do you want to go in to? I'm only thinking of ABSN programs, because I don't think it would increase my chances of getting a job after graduation with the EL-MSN degree without any experience. What made you choose the EL-MSN over ABSN? Also what were your undergrad degrees in?

    Sorry for the laundry list of questions!
  3. by   hmpark
    @trix_010509 - hopefully this has already been answered for you! But you should've filed your fafsa and gotten your financial aid package recently right? I just recently accepted a portion of mine. Kind of stinks that it's dependent upon your last years information when i was working a lot, but once im' in school, i won't be working at all!

    @applered - There isn't a specialty, per se. You get your RN license and you get your MSN. The emphasis/concentration though is on "leadership" and the faculty explained it as preparing you to be an RN but in positions of more responsibility, etc.

    @EhKim86 - for me, most of the ABSN programs were private schools with significantly more costly tuition. Also, this is just from what I heard from my friends who are already nurses, but there's been a general trend of hiring has been RN's with bachelor degrees (as opposed to an AA or LVN) and there's a trend NOW of hiring RN's with masters degrees. I figured, if i was going back for another degree, it may as well be my master's since I already have my BA (not in nursing, btw. I was a political science major in undergra). with that said, i know that the sooner you get out of schoool, you will most likely be able to find a job - so it's really up to you! but that's just my two cents
  4. by   trix_010509
    I can't seem to find any pharmacy that is offering the flu shot yet. I have tried walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, etc. and they have told me that they wont be receiving it until mid August. Where are you guys getting it from?????
  5. by   hmpark
    @trix - I emailed west about that same issue and he said that we will have till the end of September to upload that since the vaccine won't be available till August/September.
  6. by   danceluver
    Anyone know if you can drop out after getting the RN license? Would that be in the spring of the 2nd year? Any graduates from the program can talk about the quality of it, where do you do rotations, organization, faculty/stuff helpfulness, costs, etc? I see now for 2013 they are requiring the HESI exam. What's that? Is it like the TEAS?
  7. by   valky
    Hey All! (hmpark, trix_010509, applered, lilone21, hkwak002, Dragonfly53, DewWST, lorilulu)

    I understand that this may be personal, but I was wondering how many points each of you received from the selection criteria used prior to selecting interviewees? I am trying to get an idea of how my background compares with those who were accepted.

    Considering my undergraduate GPA, not attending CSUF undergraduate, and no work experience (only volunteer) My max points is already down to 60. Even then, it is only possible to get 60 points if I get a perfect 4.0 in my pending prerequisite courses.

    Bachelor's degree GPA 20
    Pre-requisite course GPA 30
    HESI Exam* 0
    Work and/or volunteer Experience 20
    Residency 10
    TOTAL 80

    Also, how many people ended up enrolling in the 2012 program?

    I really appreciate you taking the time to respond, and I hope you are all enjoying nursing school!!