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Hi everyone! I'm currently on my journey to applying to CSUFullerton's ELMSN program for 2012. Has anyone taken the TEAS yet? Have you already attended their info session? I was taking prereqs... Read More

  1. by   trix_010509
    April 12, 8:30-12pm

    Im not sure if 2 weeks is enough for me to ask for the day off
  2. by   dlagdaSN
    Oh. Okay, thanks anyway. Somebody please help.
  3. by   Michelle1985

    I would definitely call and follow up to see if they even accepted your application since you mentioned it may have been late. I received an interview invitation for March 22nd earlier this week, but I know with a few other schools they send invitations out throughout the month or 2 of interviews. Its hard to say since many schools are doing things a bit different this year then the previous years but you never know. Stay positive until you get a letter stating you are not accepted.
  4. by   dlagdaSN
    Okay I was able to get my interview date switched thank goodness. Now I'm just excited about the interview. Everyone stay positive and think happy thoughts lol.
  5. by   jungdt
    ok guys, i need some clarifications...
    i re-read my interview invitation email and it says that i will be interviewing for el-msn leadership concentration. i thought i was applying for np track. do you think there is a misunderstand on my part or miscommunication? is there such thing as el-msn np track? my heart is set on being an NP. please advice, thank you!!!
  6. by   susan007
    As far as I understand, CSUF does not offer an entry level MSN with NP option, only a MSN in leadership. You would have to continue on with a different post-master's program of study (another year or more) to get training and certification as a NP. UCLA is the same; they train you in clinical nurse leadership.

    CSULA currently offers NP tracks in entry-level master's and post-master's. CSULB also has NP options although it was closed to entry-level master's applications for Fall 2012.

    Hope this info helps you out!
  7. by   hmpark
    good luck everyone! Does that mean there are only 2 days of interviews? March 22 and April 12? But it looks like each day has a morning and afternoon group. Yikes!! I'm so nervous!! I really hope we all do well Let's keep each other posted!
  8. by   Michelle1985
    Hmpark- are u also on the western u bulletine board? I hope more people start posting so we know what's going on. Seems CSUF is ghost town right about now
  9. by   hmpark
    @michelle1985 - I may have posted up on the board for Western, but I ended up actually not applying there.

    Is everyone else waiting on other schools? I only applied to CSU Fullerton, so this is it for me!
  10. by   tilapiacooker
    hi all!

    got my invitation to interview on mar 5 for the mid-april date, so i am in the process of prepping for the interview... does anyone know how long it takes before they send out acceptance/waitlist notifications? also, what types of questions would be asked during the group interview? i know that all applicants would be placed before a panel for the interview, but is that for the individual portion or the group portion?

    any comments would be appreciated!

    good luck to all!
  11. by   hmpark
    Good luck on those who have their interviews this week! Let us know how it goes and how you felt about it Think positive thoughts
  12. by   Michelle1985
    Quote from hmpark
    Good luck on those who have their interviews this week! Let us know how it goes and how you felt about it Think positive thoughts
    Thanks hmpark,

    My interview is tomorrow. Ekk so nervous. Ill give you an update when its all over.
  13. by   susan007
    I'm interviewing tomorrow too. I wish we had more info about the format. 3+ hours is a long time to be interviewed and evaluated...

    Good luck to everyone! We are in the final stretch to either being admitted or waitlisted. I am trying to only think of positive outcomes