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CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012 - page 2

Hi everyone! I'm currently on my journey to applying to CSUFullerton's ELMSN program for 2012. Has anyone taken the TEAS yet? Have you already attended their info session? I was taking prereqs... Read More

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    yikes, have you tried calling the school and asking if you could reschedule for another interview date?? it doesn't hurt to ask! I'm still waiting on whether i got an interview or not, darn!
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    Yeah, I asked and she said that I wouldn't be able to go to the April one unless someone in that session wanted to go earlier and contacts her about it. :/
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    hey guys, i got an interview on the 22nd too. so what does that mean? are we almost in? i'm so nervous about the interview. any pointers to prepare for it? best luck to you all who are applying!
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    Hi all!

    I just got an interview invite through e-mail! I am so nervous, I really hope I get in. I've been wanting this for a long time. Any tips/advice on how/what to prepare or those of you already in the program? Congrats to anyone else who got an interview!
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    Hi all,

    I got an email today too! Will be interviewing on March 22. I'm reading through last year's posts to get more details about the format. I think our chances are pretty good if we've been invited
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    Im scheduled to interview on April 12!!!!! has anyone found last year's posts? I would like to see if they left any advice or useful tips
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    @susan007: where are you reading last year's post? I was only able to find the 2010 posts
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    Hi trix. Would you be interested in switching interview dates? I have mine on March 22, but I have a flight out of the country that morning and would have trouble changing flights and hotel reservations. I spoke with someone at CSUF and she explained that someone at the April interview would basically need to switch with me. Do you think you might be interested in this?
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    Or anyone out there, for that matter. It would really really help me! Thank you!
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    Awww congrats to you all for your interviews!! Do they send their interview invitations all at once or in waves? If i didn't get an email do you think it's safe to assume that I was rejected? Also, I'm not even sure if they accepted my application because it arrived a day late even though it was postmarked by the deadline (office error). Should I call and ask? Thank you all and congrats!!
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    what time is your interview?
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    12:30-4, March 22. What is yours?
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    @trix_010509: It's under the thread "CSUF EL-MSN 2011" but there aren't any specifics. Apparently, the interviewees were told to keep the information private since there were 3 groups of interviews over like a month timespan. However, there are stats posted which indicated that most who were interviewed were offered admission last year or put on the alternate list.

    This year also seems different since were are scheduled for like 4 hours, and last year's was only 2 hours?