Brandman University DNP

  1. Has anyone thought about applying to any of the Brandman University DNP programs? It's an adult education university with a really innovative schedule to get you out of school in 2-3 yrs.
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  3. by   ivyleagued
    Im in their Adult Acute Care DNP program right now, its a different learning experience definitely but we had a pretty in depth on campus orientation last week!
  4. by   ivyleagued
    and they also changed the program to 3 years
  5. by   Pinky687
    I'm interested in the adult acute care program as well. Is it fully accredited?
  6. by   lydlamp
    I am actually looking into applying for their DNP in Gerontology. @ Ivyleagued, can you tell me more about the first immersion session? I am definitely very interested in their program. How many people are in your class? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  7. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    I applied, and, I interviewed. I am not sure if I have gotten in yet, I have a good feeling though. What do you all think about the school? Its rep? I wanted to go full time but thats not an option they said?
  8. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    OK, well, actually, I just got my acceptance letter in the mail! I have decided to go here. I like there style of classes, immersion and their tailored touch. It is really focused for adults and really focused on point for working professionals who have a family/ etc...
  9. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    Just curious, what was the week like? What did you do? Where did you stay? How are your classes going?
  10. by   littlegreenRN
    Hello everyone. I just started researching this school. My questions are for anyone who can answer them are:
    Is this program CCNE accredited? Do all BSN-DNP applicants have to take the GRE? I really dont want to Do they accept student on a rolling basis or do they wait until the deadline? I will be calling them soon if they dont send me the information I requested but am checking if anyone on here knows. THANKS
  11. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    HI LIlgreen,
    I applied in Feb and just received my accept letter last week. It was not really all that long. They defiantly look at the entire application, not just the GREs (yes they are required) because I was admitted but did poorly on two sections but great on analytical writing. I wrote an excellent essay, very descriptive, had an excellent interview with the person who is now my adviser- I love her she is great- all in all, I am happy with my decision... (By the way, this is after I applied to and was accepted to a total of 13 schools across the US.) They are fully accredited too. What specialty are you interested in? I am in Family Psych. I am hoping they get more students, they will run it Full time (2 years instead of three years) if they have more than 6 students.) I though-roughly researched them so feel free to ask away. They are my #1 choice by far!
  12. by   trinarn94
    Hi Nurich:

    I posted for the first time yesterday with questions about the DNP with PMHNP concentration. I won't finish my MSN until fall 2012, and am looking at schools that offer the DNP and PMHNP. Brandman was one I was considering, as I live in southern CA (San Diego) and to drive there for the immersion is only 80 miles or so. I'd fly, but there really aren't any flights out of SD to John Wayne airport (actually there is one but it takes you through Phoenix, dumb is that?) so I would just drive. I'm hoping to do the BSN to DNP. Their online info said they will do credit for certain courses if you already have the MSN (my role option from CSUDH is Nurse Administrator). What other schools did you consider? Do you think Brandman is the most cost effective? It looked like 2 years for the program, but I saw that the fees (for current enrollees to be around $60,000 for the program). So I'm wondering how it cost compared to other programs. Interested too in whether they provided you any guidance or assistance in how to finance the FAFSA (for which I absolutely don't qualify), other ideas. Work provides me $7500/year in tuition reimbursement, but that doesn't make much of a dent in the total cost. Also, what did you learn about arranging clinical settings in your home area? Thanks for any info...and best of luck. I'll be watching to learn how you like it as you move through the program.

  13. by   littlegreenRN
    I am looking between the ACNP and the Gero specialty. Good to know they look at the whole application and not just the GRE. None of the other schools I applied to require it so I would have to study, schedule and take it
    I did take the AW part last year but didn't do that great (3.5) In my defense I only prepared one week and know I can do better knowing more about how its set up. I better talk to them and be sure before I take this test, I dont need additional stress in my life.
  14. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    Hey Lil, I would not bother studying or stressing for the GRE's, the only way to do so is to redo k-12 and undergrad... its impossible... I think that you should take a look at the FPMHNP program, BIG money in that area, LOTS of jobs!