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Has anyone thought about applying to any of the Brandman University DNP programs? It's an adult education university with a really innovative schedule to get you out of school in 2-3 yrs.... Read More

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    Is there anyone out there who has been attending Brandman University? Would love to know how the experience has been, specifically the psychiatric NP program? How manageable is the course load with work, particularly in year three. Appreciate any input.

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    I wanted to reply to your question about the psych DNP program. I'm in my second year of the BSN to DNP, so halfway done!!! The classes are one every 8 weeks for the first 2 years and we are getting ready to get into the real meat of our clinical dissertations now, although each class has a component of the dissertation and so you build your dissertation with continuous revisions throughout the program.
    As with any significant commitment, the program is what you make of it. The great thing is that there is a tremendous amount of room for flexibility and creativity within the program to interpret and shape the required content to your specific area of practice. I think the one criticism that I hear is that people don't understand why we are studying some of the content which incorporates social policy, high technology, law and business concepts. This is an incredibly progressive program- it is not focused on only providing clinicians to fill the needs for the right now. It is preparing us to be at the forefront of health care; to be the leaders who know how to find the answers quickly when needed. This is the "doctoral" part of the program. I think you have look forward to catch the wave into the future.
    This summer I plan to get most of my data collected for my dissertation and clinicals start in January of Year 3.
    I'm in the first BSN to DNP group so I can't tell you much. There are post doctoral psych students and opportunities to study for second specialty certifications, ie psych and Adult/Gero. We all take our core classes together, and spend about a third of our class time in virtual live class- like a group skype- that is archived for those who couldn't attend. Many professors have a weekly "video office hour" and are easily reachable for questions and help.
    The faculty all practice in the real world, even the dean, so they are sensitive to the fact that "life happens". They are flexible, but open communication is so important, and for me, this has been the right program.
    I hope that gave you an overview and answered some of your questions. And yes, the school is fully accredited and retroactively to the beginning of the SON programs!
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    Thank you for your feedback. I am really looking forward to starting this program in January 2013. I assume that you are working and have been able to keep up with the course load and family obligations. I suppose year three many get a bit tough... with clinicals and class. Good luck to you and thanks for the insight. Please keep the community posted as things unfold.
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    Hello out there, are there any new updates from Brandman graduates or current attendees? I am in the process of getting my application together for submission, I would like to start in January 2013. I would like to know how year three was with the clinicals and the classes all together every eight weeks? I considered possibly taking the pharmacology and pathophysiology via a self- paced online course to lighten the burden during the last year. That is if I am accepted, LOL. I sure am making a lot of plans based on contingencies. I am applying to other schools just to have some back -up options. Any feedback from Brandman students is appreciated.
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    Just a quick question... Have you already applied/been accepted for the spring 2013 term? I thought I had to wait until the deadline, is it rolling admissions?
    I appreciate your input!
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    I am confused about the admissions process for Brandman? Is it considered rolling admissions? Are decisions made once applications are complete?
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    Hi I just found out today that I got accepted for the Acute Adult-Gero DNP! Is anybody starting Jan 2013? I am so excited. Hope to hear from somebody. thanks -
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    Congratulations! I'm still hoping!
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    Quote from LPN2RN2BSN2MSN
    Is there anyone out there who has been attending Brandman University? Would love to know how the experience has been, specifically the psychiatric NP program? How manageable is the course load with work, particularly in year three. Appreciate any input.

    I am awaiting my application decision for the Psych program... I have spent a great deal of time researching every single school on the planet, and from what I can tell, this is probably the most doable BSN-DNP programs- one class at a time is condensed, but its still one class at a time, versus four or five.... And in the 3rd year many of the FT sections, I think 5 of them are content/clinical=6.
    I am praying that I get in here, but I did apply to several other schools too just incase.
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