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  1. 0 ok, so I bit at the ad at the top of the page for Aspen University (Hope it generates some coinage for this site!) and I have to say that i am pretty darned interested in what Aspen U has to offer - an online msn in admin or education for less than 10 grand. Sounded too good to be true so i spoke to an advisor - she had all the right answers for my questions. I checked them on Better business bureau - checks out okay...

    Anyone else do any checking? And if so, what did you think? I'm a bit hesitant to take the plunge, but i'm getting awfully close!
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    I've been checking them out too, Flare! I have yet to find anything negative about them. I still have that little voice saying "if it sounds too good to be true...", but I just can't find any downside!
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    that's what I said! I think i may actually apply and try to start this summer.
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    I was a little curious about it, too (and clicked it...but the site looks more like an ad for the college than any other college website at which I've looked. Which is A LOT of them LOL).

    The college I graduated from with my BSN now has a lot of Phoenix graduate MSN's on the faculty. It was a really good school when I went there, so I thought, those online nurse educator programs must not be all bad.
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    if you google rather than click the ad, you can get to the regular site.
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    They're CCNE and DETC/Nationally accredited although I wish they're regionally accredited as well. I wonder what's stopping them? Other online only schools like Walden and WGU are. There are lots of advantages if they are RA.