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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

  1. by   francis3
    I'm still waiting for my acceptance vs denial... My app wasn't complete until July 2. My admissions lady said I still have plenty of time before fall class starts but I'm ready to hear already. How long did it take everyone to find out? I'd like to see a fb group too
  2. by   baldwina1015
    Three weeks to the day I received a phone call.
  3. by   smartypants31us
    When do we start clinical practicums? Is it 2013 or 2014? If its next yr I need to start looking for preceptors.i believevi will use the enpnetwork to find preceptors.i see alot of them only take about 2 students a semester and would prefer to have mine scheduled ahead of time.
  4. by   little1rn10

    I also completed my application on July 2. My admissions advisor informed me that she would be the first to know about my acceptance or denial. She is supposed to e-mail me ASAP.

    I am excited but very nervous. I am hoping that I can work through the program, at least until the practicum begins.

    From the other posts the waiting period appears to be 2-3 weeks.
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  5. by   baldwina1015
    okay everyone is asking about clinical. Here is what I have so far:
    N612 Advanced Health Assessment Fall 2013 8/26/13-12/15/13 requires 80 hours of clinical
    I do not know what kind of clinical we need for this.
    N621 Adult/Geriatric NP Practicum 1 Spring 2014 1/13/14-5/4/14 requires 215 hours of clinical
    N624 Adult/Geriatric NP Practicum 2 Summer 2014 5/5/14-8/24/14 requires 215 hours of clinical
    N630 Pediatric/Family NP Practicum 3 Fall 2014 (TBD) requires 165 hours of pedi & 70 hours womens health.

    I am still unsure what type of facility is allowed for us to go to and also who can precept us. I have seen other schools with strict guidelines and others that are not. Some schools allow PA and MD as well as NPs to precept while others only allow NPs to precept. I have also seen schools where hospitals and nursing homes are not allowed as clinical settings. I am not sure why only thing I can come up with is that hospitals are acute care and for acute care NPs, but I am not sure why they do not allow nursing homes as they have independent NPs and MD see their patients there. Anyways I have no idea what their guidelines are. I hope to find this out in our welcome packet or orientation and if not plan to email people once we start the first semester to find out the details before I start asking people to precept. Everything I have read shows that it can be very difficult to find a preceptor. They do not get paid by the university, but they can get CEUs for doing it. I am also unsure how much paperwork is required for them to do, which may determine whether someone precepts you or not. Anyone with any good tips for finding preceptors please share!!!!! I went on enpnetwork and for my area RI/MA there is basically nothing!
  6. by   baldwina1015
    I forgot to mention that CVS minute clinics offer preceptors. I inquired about this with CVS and was initially denied because they are not partnered with maryville. I don't know how we can get them partnered. It would be great because they use FNPs and advertise everywhere that they precept np students and this could be a potential professional network for future careers as well. Also they are all over the place so we could all use this as a site.
  7. by   baldwina1015
    Anyone start the orientation. I just remembered it started today and there is soooo much information on there!!! I am happy to finally get more details. But so far what stands out is a C is 80-82??? weird and below that is a fail. IDK in my experience that is a B-. Obviously that is their policy. I just thought that was a very important piece of information for everyone to be aware of. I read this in the handbook in case anyone is looking for it. Anyone else find some good info would love to hear from you. All this information will take some time to get through so I would get on there.
  8. by   babykidrn
    What a great idea!!!!! please let me know. My email is It is much easier on Facebook because I can get instant messages to my phone when not near desktop.
    I just got my welcome letter and card with magnet today, so excited. Going to set up online account in a bit.
  9. by   babykidrn
    Ok, I'm even more thankful for this site and all of your entries. I was so upset today.
    I received my welcome letter and card today, I phone Susan, my adviser about books and syllabus for the first semester.
    I was told that my phone call walk through would be the last week of August!!!!!!!! (When does school start? Yes, the LAST week of August.)
    So I mentioned, very calmly, well how do I buy books and become prepared to start class if my phone call is only days from class starting? She is going to call me back.
    Disenchantment is an understatement.
    If it weren't for you guys I would be walking blind, literally. Please lets get a Facebook private account, I need this group.

    Whew! ok meltdown over. Will post update soon.
  10. by   babykidrn
    Please tell me HOW to start orientation? Things are not moving fast enough for me to be prepared. My phone call is the same time classes start! This is crazy!
  11. by   babykidrn
    Quote from Bird430
    If you go to the Maryville online bookstore and pull up the fall classes you can find them under nursing 600 and 601. FYI-I found some good deals on too

    I just did this and there are a few sections that require a different book for 601, and the online classes wouldn't show books needed. Does anyone have anything written from the school that has the books we will need, for certain.?
  12. by   baldwina1015
    When I checked last week u hit online program then fall then nurs 600 or 601 and there are several sections and when I checked they were all the same books that are needed and I put those isbn numbers in a previous post. Also orientation is and u use ur school login and from there click courses up top and its shows all the stuff we have read through. So far I see one quiz and we need to post our name and location on the discussion board and do a little apa short summary on the topic listed and then also post on two other students summaries. If not for this site I would not even know there was orientation this week. I never received an email or was informed of this. We are not graded on it, but there is a facility member checking to make sure we are completing it. Also there is a lot of info in the handbook saying how we need to login at least four times a week and participate in the dicussion board.
  13. by   baldwina1015
    Also i made a Facebook for us. Search maryville university FNP distance program class of 2014 and join!!!!!!