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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

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    I received my phone call today saying I was accepted for the fall FNP program. I am so excited but have a lot of questions too! Looks like we'll all be classmates!

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    I recently applied to Maryville University's online FNP program. It has not quite been 3 weeks. I hope none of you mind me asking but was your GPA well over 3.0? Congrats to all of you for being accepted!
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    Congratulations on being accepted and I am so glad that we will be classmates !!!
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    Mine was 3.69 undergrad BSN and 4.0 from my Master of Arts in Psychology: Mental Health Administration
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    Hey all! I joined this site just to communicate re Maryville. I have applied 2 weeks ago everything was in according to my enrollment advisor and am on pins and needles waiting to hear!!! This is my 2nd attempt at aprn and the first time was rough!
    I am just ready to know and pray and get more information. Please think of me and my wait I know you all have been there. I applied for Fall 12.
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    I hope that you get accepted. Please share with us about this being your second attempt at the advanced registered nurse practitioner program? I have applied to several schools until coming to MVU (Maryville). It is a hard road and one that takes dedication and hard work but we can do it.....
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    I applied & was accepted to Frontier May 2010. Classes began July 2010, I took 10 days of class & withdrew. It was SO difficult I cannot convey! That being said my baby was less than 1& I had just lost my father in law...... Too much.600 plus pages reading plus the assignments per class (3) & the papers not enough hours in the day. I completed my associate and bachelor of nursing online so I felt prepared butwas way off.
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    Sorry for the rambling...... But all of the above applied I feel the8wk terms are more for me & think Maryville will be a good fit now if I could just hear from them....How long did it take you all to find out if accepted?
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    Well Francis3 you had a lot going on in your life at the time. Well are you working full-time now anywhere? We must be devoted because it will be work but not impossible.

    OK EVRYBODY: I just spoke with my advisor and she said that for the first semester we take two, 8 week classes one-at-a-time. (Spring) Second semester we take 2 at-a-time for 16 weeks and they usually overlap which helps. Third semester in the summer sessions we take 2 classes but one at-a-time. Then for fourth semester (Fall) we take a clinical/practicum course along with a theory/theoretical course which complement each other and at the same time. This path continues until graduation. We have a total of 46 credit hours total= 7 semesters long. The current cost of the program is $32,246, and I have $50,000 left before I max out my aggregate........I have just enough to finish to program. I hope that I can get a grant though for graduate nursing studies.....We are the second cohort (online class) that start on August 27th, 2012.......Also graduation then for those of us starting fall of 2012 is December 2014. Our advisors will send out course syllabii 2 weeks prior to each class....the advisors automatically enroll us in our classes (Yay!!). We have to maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program. 1 C=probation. 2 C's=dismissal. D or below= dismissal. 30-50% of the work/assignments are group work. There are 15 classes total, 14 are 3cr hrs with the one being 4 cr hrs. That is the report that I just received today. I hope that this helps classmates !!!!
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    Hopefully we will all be in the same classes to assist with the group still surprise by us being the second cohort no ones feedback on the program has been posted from the first if we are taking 2 classes at a time later on does that mean we will regidter for 4 classes? I Hope not to go crazy.with lots of prayer and completing assignments ahead of time we should be fine.

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