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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

  1. by   nursegirl2001
    Well Francis3 you had a lot going on in your life at the time. Well are you working full-time now anywhere? We must be devoted because it will be work but not impossible.

    OK EVRYBODY: I just spoke with my advisor and she said that for the first semester we take two, 8 week classes one-at-a-time. (Spring) Second semester we take 2 at-a-time for 16 weeks and they usually overlap which helps. Third semester in the summer sessions we take 2 classes but one at-a-time. Then for fourth semester (Fall) we take a clinical/practicum course along with a theory/theoretical course which complement each other and at the same time. This path continues until graduation. We have a total of 46 credit hours total= 7 semesters long. The current cost of the program is $32,246, and I have $50,000 left before I max out my aggregate........I have just enough to finish to program. I hope that I can get a grant though for graduate nursing studies.....We are the second cohort (online class) that start on August 27th, 2012.......Also graduation then for those of us starting fall of 2012 is December 2014. Our advisors will send out course syllabii 2 weeks prior to each class....the advisors automatically enroll us in our classes (Yay!!). We have to maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the program. 1 C=probation. 2 C's=dismissal. D or below= dismissal. 30-50% of the work/assignments are group work. There are 15 classes total, 14 are 3cr hrs with the one being 4 cr hrs. That is the report that I just received today. I hope that this helps classmates !!!!
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  2. by   smartypants31us
    Hopefully we will all be in the same classes to assist with the group still surprise by us being the second cohort no ones feedback on the program has been posted from the first if we are taking 2 classes at a time later on does that mean we will regidter for 4 classes? I Hope not to go crazy.with lots of prayer and completing assignments ahead of time we should be fine.
  3. by   nursegirl2001

    Do not worry. I am pretty good at powerpoint presentations and writing and APA formatting and have the APA manual too!! I had an A- in undergrad nursing courses and a 4.0 in my just recently finished MA in Psych-Mental Health Administration program. I can help with team projects and keep everybody on cue. Fortunately I have no stats classes to bother with because I took them for my undergrad and in the masters program I just completed. No math......HHHOOORRRAAAAYYYY there !!!! Ok so prayer, dedication, and hard work and we'll make it through this just fine.
  4. by   baldwina1015
    I spoke with my adviser today also and received FINALLY the class schedule for the entire program. I am pretty happy with it overall and for the most part taking one class at a time I think really makes it do-able. We will take NURS 600 Theoretical Nursing 8/27-10/21 and then Evidence Based Practice 10/22-12/16. Spring appears to be the only time we take two classes at once 1/14-3/10 Leadership and Quality and then N610 Health Promotion 3/1-5/5 and then the one 16 week class AP 1/14-5/5. That is the only class I am very concerned over because I had a tough time with A&P in my undergrad. I have the entire breakdown if anyone wants me to forward it let me know your email and will be happy too, mine is I didn't know there would be soo much group work especially because we can't really work together in person. But I like that we can share ideas and collaborate together to do assignments.. I am really excited to start!!!! I didn't get an email about the orientation yet so thanks for the link my adviser said it will have a lot of valuable info in it. We should get a welcome packet soon with all the info as well and my welcome call is not until Aug 17th!! But I will be happy as long as I get the packet soon. Also she said we can order books now through the website or not; they do not order them for us. I looked and we need 4 books for the entire semester which is not bad. I am going to buy them soon from wherever is cheaper and start reading and getting a jump start. I don;t know what section I am in yet, but all the sections require the same material. I also found out there will be about 100 of us in the program. I was surprised by how many. So I hope we are in the same section and can work together.
  5. by   Bird430
    Wow thanks to those of you that have posted all the great info you have received from the advisors. My welcome call isn't until the first week of august. I'm planning on looking online for my books soon as several of you have mentioned. Definitely used for me to save some $$. Its great to see so many nice people will be in the program and I too hope we can all work together good luck to those still waiting to hear.
  6. by   mrvlegov
    Does anyone have ISBNs for the books?
  7. by   Bird430
    If you go to the Maryville online bookstore and pull up the fall classes you can find them under nursing 600 and 601. FYI-I found some good deals on too
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  8. by   baldwina1015 link to the bookstore >online programs> fall 2012> NUR 600 AND 601

    isbn #
    nur 600

    NUR 601

    I am heading over to now, I usually get good deals there too. I am only concerned about the Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing because it says with CD and Access and usually used books you buy online don't come with that stuff so I will have to look for that. Usually I don't mind not having the CD, but Access is probably a code we may need. Especially because its online courses I am worried we might need it. Good Luck finding good deals!!!!
  9. by   mrvlegov
    look at it will compare all the stores for you.
  10. by   mrvlegov
    Also for those of you who have been out of school for awhile...I just finished up my BSN and I didn't buy the new APA book, I just used Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide and APA Style
    All the information I needed was on those sites so I didn't have to go searching through a book!
  11. by   nursegirl2001

    Thanks for posting the ISBN numbers. I don't have the mine right now to purchase even the discounted rate so with my student account I just purchased the books and they are on the way. I am glad that I went back and looked on my student site because I remembered that we did have 4 books for the semester not 2. My total is $265 dollars for the 4 books. For the spring though I will have financial aid funds early so I will purchase our books (provided we won't need an access code) at the discounted rates and from the very helpful sites you posted !!!! Looks like we will have papers to do but I don't know if we will have multiple choice tests. I wished that I knew students from the program who can give us some insight here. I will ask my advisor though......
  12. by   baldwina1015
    Yes I was wondering the same thing about the tests.I have read that other programs have tests and that they r timed per answer like 2 minutes or something and if u don't answer before times up it moves to the next question... But idk if that's what they do here or not. I bought the two books for the first half on and spent 46 dollars... Not bad. I will buy the other two in the next couple of weeks. But no rush because we don't need them until October.
  13. by   nursegirl2001
    Well I hope that the instructors don't pull any sneaky tricks like administering tests and not telling us what to study for.....