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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

  1. by   flamingopark2
    It is nursing school fellows...Nursing school has never been easy. We are the only ones who know that.
  2. by   jansnow12
    I was just accepted today to the FNP program for fall 2012! I am so excited and nervous to start this journey!
  3. by   mylojoRN
    Congrats...I'm in the process of applying. Would you mind sharing your experience with the admission process and stats. I recently graduated with my BSN had a GPA of 3.23. Hoping this will be sufficient for acceptance. Also, I'm not currently working in the clinical setting (case management). Hoping this won't hinder acceptance as well. Thanks
  4. by   flamingopark2
    Hello mylojorn,
    I do the have the same GPA as you do. I am going to start in putting all my documents together to apply as well. Hopefully to start this spring or next fall.
  5. by   mskayteeRN
    I received a message from my enrollment advisor this morning saying that I was accepted to the Fall 2012 A/GNP Program!!!Yayyyyyy!! She called me back and gave me more great news...I will not be starting until January 14th (a week before my birthday...ugh!) because they accepted transfer credits from my previous MSN for Nurs 600 and 601. This will give me time to "get my mind right" for this journey. Congrats to everyone who have been accepted up until this point.
  6. by   mskayteeRN
    PC acting up!
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  7. by   nursegirl2001

    Congratulations on your acceptance for Spring 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   mskayteeRN

    I actually will be starting with the Fall 2012 cohort, but I won't be joining until January 2013 because I was given credit for two previous MSN courses (600 and 601)...thank you Jesus!! That saved me like $4200.
  9. by   nursegirl2001

    How fortunate for you ! I was only able to get out of taking one class which was statistics......bummer !!! I now have like $50,000 left which is just enough or a little over, to complete this program. Schools are greedy though and may say that they charge $34,000 for a particular program/degree tract but will tack on an additional $10,000 (like Maryville has done) making the amount a total of $44,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! UUUGGGHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well.....
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  10. by   mskayteeRN
    How long has it been for your statistics class?
  11. by   nursegirl2001
    It has been like a year or so and I took an undergrad course in it as well so I am statistics-ed out Glad that is over !!!
  12. by   rnjmb187
    Anyone having their welcome call today with Maryville?
  13. by   mrvlegov
    Me! Logging on now.