Anyone applying to UAB MSN program?

  1. Hey just wondering if anyone is applying to UAB's MSN program. I'm applying to their FNP program, but still unsure as to whether or not i'm making the right decision about school choice. I'm specifically wondering about the time commitment. I work full-time and am wondering if I would still be able to keep my full-time job and do the distance learning format full-time as well. Also, cost is a major issue to me as my husband is racking up a gizzion dollars in dental school loans. Any info would be awesome.
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  3. by   Annaiya
    I applied to UAB too and was trying to get information from them on making school work while working full-time. I really didn't get any good information from them, but it sounds like it will work out ok. However, I can't imagine it being possible to do school full-time and work full-time. Full-time work, part-time school seems doable however. But it is still a huge time commitment. I don't know anyone who's gone to UAB before, but I've seen assignments from friends at other schools, there is often 250-400 pages of reading per week, per class. And you need to know all of the content, so you can't just skim it. Online classes take a lot more time in general than traditional in person classes, because you have to figure everything out on your own. So, I wouldn't bother applying if you can't commit the time to it.

    However, UAB is one of the cheapest programs, and from what I can tell, it is a good program. I'm hoping to start in the fall. Good luck in your decision.
  4. by   txfnp12
    I applied for Spring response yet.
  5. by   Sillysally514
    I applied for Spring '11, too! Good luck! How do you feel about your chances? One minute I feel confident. The next I feel like I have no chance!
  6. by   txfnp12
    I know what you mean. A friend from work attends UAB and she says it is great. I applied to ISU, UAB and USA for Spring 2011. Some people say that is crazy but I just really want to get started in January. Did you apply anywhere else?
  7. by   flgirl75
    I (and 2 of my friends) are graduating from UAB in December with a BSN. The experience has been wonderful. We applied to the MSN program and are now about half crazy with anxiety and fear. I was told that there were more applicants than usual for Spring 2011 and that the competition is fierce. My GPA is slightly below 3.0, but my MAT was above 410, so I'm praying to be let in "with conditions". I heard USA was a good school, too. I live in Florida and all major universities here have already transitioned in DNP programs for NP education and training. I really want to get started in January, too. You were smart and proactive to apply to more than one school. I hope it works out for you.
  8. by   AubieRNBSN
    I have applied to the program for the Spring 2011 also. 1. I applied to Acute Care Pediatric 2. Neonatal NP and
    3. Family NP. I chose FNP last because it is definitely not my first choice but i was told that if you complete FNP and sit for boards that later on all you have to do is complete extra clinical hours in a specialty area and then you can sit for those boards as well. So, i thought maybe im covering all my bases, ya know??
    My GPA on my last 60 hours is a 3.4, but because i am a new BSN graduate i fear that it will be the experience area that will hurt me. I am currently working in one of the ICU's at UAB; however, i have only been there for a couple of months. I did an internship in the NICU at Children's and LOVED it. I know that Acute Care/Critical Care is the area for me. Vanderbilt offers a dual program .... Adult CC/AC and once you've completed it you're considered to MTSU's Nurse Anesthetist program. I wish UAB offered something like this ... its perfect for me .. but working for UAB will help pay for grad school and its in state so im torn

    Good luck to all! Does anyone know when we will find out?? Its almost been a month!
  9. by   Sillysally514
    I think the thing that is going to hurt me most is my GPA. It is only a 3.1. But I got a 450 (97th percentile) on the MAT. I have 14 years of nursing experience and I think my essay a and recs are pretty strong. It's just so hard to know what they are looking for. If I had known 14 hrs ago that my GPA was going to be so important I would have taken it more seriously. The wait is killing me!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for al of us!
  10. by   Annaiya
    Aubie, I got in after having only 6 months experience, so I don't think that is a deciding factor, assuming you are applying for part-time enrollment. If you are sure you want to stay in acute care then I would recommend doing AC PNP, AC NP, or NNP. It is true that you can switch specialties, but my understanding is that you have to do basically all of the clinical semesters from that program. So it isn't just a few clinical hours it is hundreds of hours plus the book work and exams. It will take about a year and then you have to take another certification exam. Therefore, I don't think it is worth getting a certification in something that you don't want to do. I think it is simply an option for someone who decides they either don't like or are sick of their specialty area. I hope you will find out if you got in soon, but I didn't get my acceptance letter until after they said we'd hear.
  11. by   Sillysally514
    Annaiya, how many were accepted into your class? What specialty track are you in? Do you know how many applied for your semester? I can't seem to find any of this info anywhere. Thanks!
  12. by   Annaiya
    I don't know the answers to any of those questions either. I am in the AC PNP program, and I know that is a lot smaller than FNP, but I don't know any numbers. I'm guessing I won't know until I get to the clinical semesters. Right now I'm with everyone taking all of the non-clinical courses.
  13. by   GLG78
    Has anyone received an acceptance letter into the UAB FNP program for Spring 2011? I imagine we should be receiving these any time now, since it has been over 30 days since the application deadline.
  14. by   Sillysally514
    I've heard nothing yet. With each day that passes, I loose a little hope. I just really thought we would have heard something by now. I'm running out of patience. I just want this so bad. As we all do, I'm sure!