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Hello everyone! Is there anyone out there applying to direct entry MSN programs in California? -C... Read More

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    Thanks for insiders info about Cali FNP about the difficulties in finding employment in Cali after graduation. And berkeley mom's info about how the faculty know whom they are accepting into the program and is just using the interview to "see" the actual person.

    I also applied to UCLA's program as a backup for SMC's program. I am glad to hear that the school has attracted some applicants too.

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    I've also applied to UCLA's MECN, CSUF's EL-MSN and CSULB's Direct Entry BSN/MSN. I guess we have to play the waiting game now...(sigh)

    I was curious if anyone found out the stats of last year's accepted class for the MECN program? (pre-req GPA, last 60 GPA, etc..)
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    I've been in contact with a woman who began the MECN program last fall (actually emailed her from a thread that she posted in last year) and she wasn't able to provide a general consensus of what the GPAs were for the admitted students. She did make mention of the fact that there were 1-2 students who were admitted although they did not achieve the minimum 3.0 GPA, as they had exceptional personal statements or other significant work/volunteer experiences.

    She also stated that they accepted 60 students, rather than the 50 they quoted in the orientation sessions. When I last emailed Shelli Shepherd to confirm that they had received all of my Fall 06' transcripts, she stated that notifications will be mailed in late March. We shall have to wait and see...
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    Really? Wow, that really suprises me..It's been hard to find any MECN applicants on here and I ran into only three other people at CSUF (where I was finishing my pre-reqs last year) that even applied. When I turned in my app, I was told they would be notifying people the last week of February or 1st week of March! And Shellie told you May?! Wow, May is a LONG time from now! LOL

    Did you apply anywhere else?
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    I meant March, yikes....that would be horrible if it was May! Sorry!! :chuckle And yes, I was told when I dropped off my app package that they were hoping for Mid-March. This late-March timeframe was quoted to me a few days ago...

    At this rate perhaps we will be waiting until May

    And no, UCLA is my only shot this fall, as it would be the most economical choice for me, I wouldn't have to move and the tuition is such a bargain compared to all of the east coast programs many around here are considering. However, if I have to apply again next year I will most likely include Columbia, Yale, and the Johns Hopkins combined BSN/MSN program.
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    Has anyone heard from Samuel Merritt regarding an interview / acceptance/ denial for the ELMSN- FNP or CM?
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    Nope, haven't heard anything from SMC yet about interviews. I actually never even got an e-mail from them telling me that they have received my application, which every other school did immediately after they received mine. Did anyone else get an e-mail saying that they recieved your application? Its weird that they don't send those out just to keep us posted!
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    no word here either. I also did not get an email saying that they received my application. I did however receive a DVD about Samuel Merritt last week. Did anyone else receive this dvd?
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    HI Diddle and Star,
    I haven't recieved any information from SMC regarding whether or not they recieved my application either. I think i will be calling them this week to double check on when we'll be recieving notification letters. . .
    THe other thing is that a friend of mine who applied to the ASBN on nov. was supposed to hear from them much earlier, but did not recieve email notification from them until jANUARY, AND for their program, they won't find out if they were accepted until beginning of March. So i guess SMC is jsst really backed up with lots and lots of applications. Im not sure, but i hope this helps and i hope we find out more.
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    Nope, no dvd. What's teh dvd about by the way? hmm. . .that's interesting. this is a very anxiety filled waiting period. Please keep up with the updates.

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