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Advice for International applicants for post graduate programs

  1. 0 Hi all,
    I am an international nurse and already have MSC in Nursing Education.I have a plan to apply for FNP post master's program . I am wondering if anyone on here could help me.
    I've read your notes and found that many of you consider different universities for continuing education.After reviewing different school websites I also found that for applying for FNP program applicants need to submit RN Licensure of the state where each nursing school located .

    Now I'm confusing about application .I already have Michigan RN Licensure, but how can I appply for FNP program in different schools in different states at the same time?(for example I want to apply for UCLA, University of Maryland and UW's at the same time hoping that I will be admitted in one of them).Please let me know what did you do?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Not all schools require that you have the state's license. Some schools just ask for a license in the US.

    Your best bet is to go to the schools's website and see what their requirements are or email them.

    Good luck.
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    When I applied for grad school in other states, I didn't have to have the additional licenses to apply (as long as I was a licensed RN somewhere) -- I just had to have a license in my school's state by the time I started the program. I applied for licensure in the new state once I knew which school I was going to be attending. Is it possible that the schools you are considering work the same way?
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    Thank you for your answers.
    Until now , except from UCLA other schools asked applicants to submit a copy of their states RN Licensure at the time of application.
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    You just need to have the state license by the time you start clinicals.
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    It depends of whether you are considering a ground or long distance program.
    You basically need to be licensed in the state, were you will be doing your clinical hours. For UCLA, you do need to be licenced in California, their FNP program is a ground program.

    Good luck.