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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program... Read More

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    Right there with you, hopefulnurse24. I alternate between "okay. positive thinking. you are getting into Penn." and "OMG what if no one takes me?!?!"
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    Is this your top choice feminista? And I read you had an interview with Yale, Hopkins, Penn and UCSF. You must have an insane application! lol. Which specialty are you going for?
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    I called again today... They said we should be hearing sometime next week or the week after. Oh so vague! Haha.
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    kdiem, it is! the suspense is killing me though. I'm going for women's health NP at Penn.

    Also, allnurses has stopped sending me emails when someone responds to the thread. Does everyone else still get emails? I was planning on using this forum to know when to check for acceptance/rejection notifications.
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    Allnurses stopped emailing me too!😟 I got the allnurses app for my iPhone and it notifies me if someone commented on one of the threads I subscribed to. I've had no problems with the app!
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    Has anyone else had problems logging into the upenn website for admissions updates?I use a Mac--I am not sure if that is my problem.
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    Quote from lifeismuzik
    Has anyone else had problems logging into the upenn website for admissions updates?I use a Mac--I am not sure if that is my problem.
    Hi! I have a MAC and I just logged into the website right now. What web browser are you using? UPENN's website doesn't format well in Chrome. I use Safari to check my status.
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    What website do we use to view admissions updates? Are you talking about the application page at "Apply Yourself"? Or is there somewhere else we can go?
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    ******* said that we would get an email when our admissions decisions were ready and that they would be posted on our Penn Portal.
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    Oh! Of course, Penn Portal! Duh, silly me- I almost forgot about that. Eek! Getting excited/terrified for the next week or two!
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    The Penn Applicant Portal, right? Ahh, very exciting! It is definitely coming soon.
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    I'm so antsy. Does anyone know if we will hear decisions this week?
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    I think we will. They said "early February" and hinted towards the end of the first week (that's the impression I got). Any day now!! I'm antsy, too!!!