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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program and have begun writing my... Read More

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    If anyone is a pediatric critical care or neonatal NP specialty applicant, those are the last interview invites to go out! Stay patient. I found this out a little bit ago by calling and begging someone to find out for me
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    Don't worry hopefulnurse24 and PNPhopeful, I'm sure they'll be sending out your emails soon!! There are still 2 more days which is plenty of time! just hang in there Congrats to everyone who got interviews so far! atomicgirl, I think I'm opting for an in-person interview, especially since I'd like to tour the campus and meet with the current students. how about you?
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    Me too! I think it'd be nice to talk with current students and really get a feel for the atmosphere there. Maybe we can meet up. I don't know anyone else interviewing for psych.
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    I'll be doing an in-person interview on December 10th. I would love to meet up with anyone who is interested on this day!

    And Hopeful and PNPHopeful, hang in there! 2 more days for awesome news Good luck to you two!!

    mz_marit: I know you're part of the WHNP program at Penn, do you have any insight about the midwifery program? I want to combine both WHNP and midwifery specialties if I were given the opportunity to attend Penn!
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    did anyone hear about acute care adult/gero? I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't receive an interview, Penn was a stretch for me.
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    Were you a combined specialty? I bet you'll hear tomorrow
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    Hey Morganw1-

    UPenn was a huge stretch for me because my graduate school GPA is not impressive, but I just got my interview invite for the BSN/MSN for psych. I'm sure you'll get your interview invite soon!

    I'm sorry if this was previously stated in the thread, but does anyone know: How many applicants get interviews? How many interviewees actually get offered a seat in the class?
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    Thanks guys,

    Hopeful: mine was just Adult/Gero Acute Care and not combined with anything I think there is a primary one? I don't know.
    KoKe: neither is my GPA, GRE was decent. lots of volunteering/experience but I'm just not sure I'm what they are looking for.
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    My interview is Dec 7th. I'm happy to meet up with anyone! It'd be great to meet all of you friendly folks
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    Did they say that those were the top 75% and the 25% that arent interviewed are out of the question? or is that 25% split evenly between those definitely accepted and those not accepted?

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