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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program and have begun writing my... Read More

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    The email that they sent us does say if we are invited to interview, information will be forwarded to us the week of November 12th (NEXT MONDAY!). If we do not receive information, we will be considered BSN second degree applicants.

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    Thank you!
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    I AM SO NERVOUS! i literally have been checking this site every hour to see if someone has been invited for an interview yet. I am hoping and praying that we all do
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    OHMYGOD. Next Monday?! I'm gonna go crazy lol
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    I feel the same way... it's really scary because we KNOW it's coming, LOL!
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    Or not coming?? Will we receive no email at all if we aren't being asked to interview?
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    If we don't receive an email, it means that we were not invited to interview and we are now considered BSN second degree applicants.
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    I think email or no email. There's still a good chance for everyone. Penn seems like it has the best options because it seems to be the only school doing that ( allowing people who didn't get an interview to be in another pool).
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    I'm nervous! How is everyone feeling today? I hope we find out soon... I don't know how long I can last with these nervous butterflies!
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    I'm super nervous too. It doesn't help that they say it'll be the WEEK of November 12....meaning it could stretch out alllll week :\

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